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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

“I believe in American exceptionalism“
Barack Obama

In spite of the existence of idealistic communes throughout human history and sentimental tales about good-kind leaders elected by kind-good people, we humans are creatures who, as women love men touchingly love tough machos as our political leaders and financial role models. Even democracies aren’t immune from electing tyrants.

It’s nothing new in passionate emotional fixation on political leaders whom humans in their hearts-and-minds are prone to blindly transform into their saviors and angels. Humans are small and weak without a strong dear-father. Without being warmed, protected and consoled we are goose-skin-cold and self-tearing-sad.

“But what’s happened that recently we, American citizens feel neither exceptional, nor superior to other countries and not happy as we were before? Of course, our country allows and even encourages us to privately buy high-tech weapons and to learn how to shoot and kill. And it is not a minor consolation. But our feelings are saying that it is not enough. Our salaries are not growing quickly enough to provide what we Americans used to proudly call living. We were promised a much more prosperous life than is available for us today. More and more foreigners are taking our jobs. And not everybody among us works in military technology plants. More and more homeless among our people. Instead of jobs we get long lines at the food banks. We have been stuck by austerity. And when we look at our guns dangerous ideas come to our minds. Too many foreign parasites and domestic liberals (talking with long sentences) take what supposed to be ours into their hands. We feel ourselves aliens in our own country. We feel betrayed. We feel deeply insulted by democrats with their patronizing promises” (from the lamentations of those who support their conservative political leader).

And now these people became the dreamers – they dream: to beat up those who, as they feel, are responsible for their pauperization – foreigners, refugees, rotten intellectuals and those who are making money on “humanistic culture” and liberal arts and who waste money and resources instead of investing more in fossil fuel and military technology. “Oh, how sweet it can be to break several noses, to make “democrat politicians” physically crippled for stealing from us our money and pride. We deserve reward for our patriotism. Our leaders told us that we’re better than the rest of the world, and no one has the right to keep us in poverty. It’s we deserve to become rich – not miserable professors of humanities. And we have only one hope – it is man who became our only savior – our present top leader!”

By similar motivations (to get more than other people) the Soviet Russians started to challenge the Soviet socialism and leadership at the end of the 20th century. If in SRussia (Soviet Russia) of 30-50’s inequality between citizens was measured in terms of the power of decision-making (people on top ‘keeping in hands’ people on bottom), not in financial inequality (which wasn’t too drastic), and even this inequality was psychologically compensated by intense experience of worshipping Stalin, in 21st century US – the hornet-like sting of inequality is psychologically compensated by waterfall-like worship of top political conservative leader.

Most SRussians unconditionally loved Stalin for his “power” (for his powerful posture of power), while American worshippers of their top conservative “boss” are moved by the unconditional love for him because for them he is “like them”: treated unjustly by a “damn dumb dems”. While Stalin for SRussians is a monument “the top American conservative leader is like ‘we’, like every normal Americans who is living by trying to make money, to become richer and eventually financially super-successful, but his enemies – liberal pigmies do everything to hurt him. It’s our dearest top-pop-leader’s Herculean fight with his enemies and his hate for them, who are trying to take away his fight for his own and our understanding of freedom – to do just what we want – to become richer than other people” – creates His admirers’ cosmic admiration for him.

The SRussians (Soviet Russians) in their limitless love for Stalin and the today’s hot unconditional lovers of the American top leaders are both going through a curious case of schizophrenic depersonalization inside their very identification with their leaders correspondingly, on two continents in different historical periods. In the case of Stalin the SRussians identified with him and lived their lives by Stalin’s ideology by being practically paupers. Through identification they appropriated Stalin’s personal toughness. Identification with Stalin made them feel strong and… happy – satisfied with themselves. In US today psychological situation between the top leader and his unconditional admirers is in a way similar. “If he will be able to achieve what he wants, then so can I” – is in the mind of American worshippers of their political role model. “If he is able to beat his and our opponents – so I will be able to do the same!” The top-leader’s passionate emotional lovers have come to feel, as if they themselves are already on his very path.

In other words, inhumane inequality between poor and rich, weak and strong, the unsuccessful and the successful helps the poor, the weak and the not successful to feel bigger and stronger than they were in reality. Because of identification with Stalin SRussions felt stronger than they are, and identification with American top-leader today in US gave a chance to American conservative masses be hopeful and pleasantly megalomaniacal in their hate for democrats and Democracy. Imaginary identification with leaders in both countries helps the both groups of people to feel better about themselves. In reality Stalin and present American pop-top-leader are as far from the ordinary people as Sun is from the Uranus. To let simple people feel themselves better by fraudulent (imaginary) identification with their role models only helps them to avoid the difficult process of becoming tolerant and later appreciative to honesty, humility and humanistic education. Identification with top-mountain leader is a pseudo solution, a trick and detour of truth, which helps the desperate and lost persons to deceive him/herself. Identification with idol and super-leader as a Master and Role model is fatal deceit of human destiny, a comfortable fakery which put people on a track of grandiose, risky, absurd and eventually criminal behavior.

Identification with adult is growing from the child’s infantile admiration of the father. Child’s unconditional love for the father is good for the child, although what is good about it is relative and can prevent child’s harmonious development. But love for the top leader (instead of critical understanding of his personality) can be a catastrophe for the adult who doesn’t have a right to give away his/her responsibility of adulthood for the sake of being emotionally protected by the despotic idol figure – a man in a role of super- or mega-father.

It’s very easy to start to talk about two kinds of people in our country – one is the Demos – the poor and the low middle class, and the other includes several categories – semi-rich (future rich – people who are trying to become rich), just rich and the top-rich (or wealthy). The poor are rather compassionate with another poor, and if they have sometimes extreme quarrels between neighbors it is by personal reasons. Basically they are prone to identify by common destiny with each other and feel mutuality between their families. But the other type of people – semi-rich, future rich (those who are trying to become rich), just rich and top-rich (those who only care about their own success, profit and wealth and, therefore try to subdue and repress those who live by needing jobs, habitually hungry about food and money, and suffer and hateful about their life.

Survivalism is a condition of life on earth, a condition which touches all ages. It’s the basic principle of living under the sky. This principle makes everyone including human beings – harsh and hard, primitive and fearful, crude and rude and animalistic. In US, after WWII survivalism was… supported very generously. The reason for this was that Soviet “socialism” during this time was popular among the American masses, so US leadership tried to persuade the Americans that prosperity in US is much more generous and likeable than the ascetic and inept Soviet socialism (it’s difficult not to agree with it). But the point is that American prosperity was temporary – it was real, but it was a strategic calculation, it was good, but it was fraudulent. It was nice and pleasant but it was artificial. Austerity was not far away. Of course, US was a greatest country – massive, with a beautiful versatile land, with enslaved and released around black Africans, destroyed native American’s culture, killed numerous native inhabitants and still provide remnants of them with a gift of land – a gift from the new gods in charge. US had a giant Civil War between the prosperous landlords of the South and the Northern businessmen with the need to create a mighty industrial future. And is US not only a unique expansionistic conglomerate making permanent mini-wars with various countries of the world, but the only country that created the giant military war-experiment of using nuclear weapon on its enemies. More, US is the biggest and the richest country busy to create, elaborate and continue to develop and perfect new types of versatile effective weaponry.

Private luxury, weapons and profit-making are the three directions of American technological genius. Luxury has a technological heart, weapon – the heart of a conceited adolescent, while profit-making has a heart of a diamond the size of watermelon. Of course, almost all the Americans dream about a luxurious life and many do everything to make it a reality “for me and my family”. US as a country is proud of its weaponry, while lovers of guns are proud of having them in their possession. And as US cannot live without military action regular Americans cannot refrain from using their guns. And both – US (as a country) and American citizens are training its/their prowess – one in mini-wars and the others in professional shooting. Some (more intellectual) Americans transform money/profit into its sublimated form – into their work, for example in scientific research which they love “more than life”, but when you are occupied with cosmic equations and enigmas it’s especially pleasant to live in material comfort.

The stronger US becomes the more successfully proud profiteering impregnates all its other interests. For example, when a nature loving family comes to a wild forest to enjoy it in full – what is this family really enjoying? Belonging to the beauty of nature or these people’s ability to consume a particular geographical spot – to be able to consume and enjoy what they temporarily has appropriated and consumed? Here we have a deal with the “spiritual, idealistic side” of money which consist of brag-pride of being wealthy, money as an idea, money as the consciousness of having money, money as a spirit – money as god’s presence, money as an immaterial fact.

If the poor, the hungry and homeless could be against the policies that the rich dictate – US could be a normal country of a normal people. But the poor here from childhood went through a masterful propaganda (in comparison, for example with crude and primitive Soviet propaganda – Soviet Union is another example of a not normal country with a not normal people, where the poor were supporting ruling elite because of ideological idealism putting them on the top of being extraordinary in comparison with regular citizens). American propaganda is only partially idealistic with its promise of future big wealth even for regular people, promise supported by the global perspective of US domination over the world. American superiority over the world is so obvious for Americans that they matter-of-factly believe in their future if not of being billionaires, but at least millionaires. To use nuclear bombs on civilian populations were a softly speaking megalomaniacal acts, but many Americans were absolutely happy – “what a power we have! “

Barack Obama believes in “American exceptionalism” – the verbal veil of “American Superiority”. While the Russian Soviet Reich has collapsed, the American “exceptionalism” is just cleaning its feathers – US’s billionaires and the country’s high-tech weaponry will have its set and game.

Yes, in US there are democrats who try to care about the Demos, but many who belong to the Demos prefer a… totalitarian leaders, because for them democrats don’t look like them – and they want to beat up those who look like college teachers and intellectuals. In US today the humanistically (in liberal arts) educated people are more and more alienated and soon could find themselves among scapegoated and punished. In the late thirties (in USSR) these types of people were also despised, hated and isolated by the tough dogmatists and blind servants of the leaders.

But why are the American poor in US so effectively and successfully outsmarted by internal (American) propaganda? There is nothing more effective propaganda tool than consumerism because you appropriate for yourselves what is pleasant to have. And there is nothing better than entertainment (besides consumerism) because you’re solemnly put (by the society) into the position of the respectable object of appeal – when you’re entertained you’re made to feel yourself center of the world. It’s not by chance that when you sitting in the cinema your nose is in arrogant position. To consume and be entertained are the two ways in which the human soul is systematically and methodically destroyed by the entertainer-propagandists. From the beginning of humanity human soul was locked in contradiction between good and evil and was obliged to make the tormenting choice between them. Of course, choice for Americans is not even between consumerism and entertainment – they consume entertainment and are entertained by consumerism!

The roots of human nature are predatory. But it is no difference whether this violent -predatory predisposition serves good or bad. Human intolerance, egoism, aggressiveness and the need to self-assert and brag will serve people regardless of the fact – they are on the side of good or evil. People as they are will address the best, the most humane ideas and feelings with equal irritability and arrogance, self-aggrandizement, despotism, proneness to fabricate reality and the conservative appeal to the desire to rule and command. The good in action tends to become as bad as the bad in action.

This is exactly what happened many times in history, for example in US of 80s with the carefully growing ruling despotism and greedy financial self-indulgence, when right-wing pundits and conservative “specialists” gradually started to sidestep culturally delicate and delicately cultural democrats who were trying to insist on behavioral decency in developing social programs promoting a life for the poor Americans, instead of pushing greedy predatory strategies of self-enrichment for the privileged minority for the sake of glorifying the more wealth for the most wealthy.

Fear is a spontaneously activated reflexive attempt at self-protection, more exactly, a feeling of being self-protected. When we get this feeling we are prone to feel, at least partially invincible. Of course, this is an illusion, but illusions can temporarily help. But how exactly does illusion provide release from fear?

God, as we believe and expect (while adulating Him as much as possible), is able to protect humans whom He chooses to protect. But God sometimes helps you, but sometimes not. God helps some people but not others. And His estimations – who should be helped and who shouldn’t are too complicated for us. We try to work very hard to look OK in God’s eyes, but He has His own reasoning for everything. So, in reality whether we are protected by Him or not is for us an unsolvable issue. Anyway, wars between Christian nations (like WWI) or predatory wars (WWII) or numerous colonial wars are examples of God’s distance.

You can bet we have what to be afraid of – mainly (but not always) it is other human beings (“including ourselves” when we don’t understand ourselves). And we are trying to be alert and stronger than others.

The following is a semi-unconscious/semi-conscious “strategies” people use to help themselves to become less frightened by and less afraid of life, living and otherness of the others.

Some people tend to hide behind another people similar with us – behind the masses we are part of. Soldiers, for example, often say solemnly “our army, our military force!”, while the citizens – “our great country!”, “We, United States of America!” or “We, Americans!” When people don’t feel themselves alone they feel themselves stronger and more confident. Then they are ready to take the initiatives and risks and even feel generally more energetic.

People often laugh at those who repeat “I!, I!, I!, but to repeat “we are stronger, we are smarter, we are better” than “they” can be even more laughable – even more psychologically cowardly. Naturally, if thousands of people are sharing identity with one another as members of “us” they can be stronger than a single person – millions of muscles (or guns) is much more power than a single body! And then one feels yourselves victorious without victory! People love groups with similar worldviews and tastes. The image of a crowd of similar people transfers group into victory!

Another impulsive strategy of making yourselves bigger and stronger is to believe that you personally already are stronger and even mentally more sophisticated than others. Many people not only imagine yourself smarter, than they are, but train themselves to become intellectually stronger than they were before. For this reason various countries try to teach and develop populations by technical education and they often forget that it’s not enough to be technically educated and manipulate tools and machines and through them the environment – but that existential intuitive mind is also very important for people not only to feel mentally stronger, but to actually be so in real situations. Without the humanistic education (liberal arts) people’s intuition will not be able to use human anthropological legacy to live. Between technical training and fake smartness (persuading yourselves that you are smarter than you are) should be the point of real, human, not just technical intelligence.

Some people use both – self-aggrandizement and in the same time identification with group/s of similar people to feel themselves “upgraded” personally and gain extra-strength and artificial super-confidence. Some political leaders are like this – they hide their personal cowardice behind a collective ego and bombastic braggadocio and at the same time advertise their own personal greatness. They are hiding not only behind their own aggrandized image and not only behind quantitative exuberance of a collective will and power, but behind some strong authoritative personality – a super-person whose opinions become a guidance for regular folks. The “ultimate” authority of this super-person justifies people’s prejudices and errors and satisfies their aspirations and expectations.

And finally – on the very bottom of the psychologically cowardly people are not those who rely on their own elevated by themselves exceptional personality and not crowd of those whose power comes when they identify with one another and even not those who look for a leader to follow his authority without forming their own ideas and opinions about life, but those who hide behind… inanimate objects. It is first of all the people who idolize “guns” to destroy and kill those who are differ in their opinions about life from the gun people or “gunple”.

But there are also those who worship money/profit. These are the people who believe that money in one’s possession is the best gun in the world, because it is providing the ultimate, the most radical protection against life’s uncertainties and dissimilar – frightening people. Like the gun worshippers use several guns to cover their bodies because without this defense they cannot eat, sleep, rest, be outside or sit at home or in the movie theater or listen pop-music or take shower – the money-worshippers expect their money to handle everything, because they think that money soon will be able to provide technological super-medical immortality, not just protection. Money in the form of profit is not only radical protection – it is a rocket that will take the wealthy guys from the intra-planetary life to the cosmos of eternal life. Moneys are angel’s wings, the medicine curing malignant mortality, Olympus where old gods will meet new ones (who are full of golden banknotes) as their young friends. Absolute wealth is more than immortality. It is precious addition to immortality, its luxury. Immortality without luxury is only a part of Universe’ perfection. New – American gods – these “trillioners”, more – zillionaires who will enrich the traditional gods with new extra-money! Enrich and patronize, patronize and enslave! And make old gods sing our American hymn!

Sir Roland Penrose (1900-1984) was an English artist, historian and poet. During the WWII he put his artistic skills to practical use as a teacher of camouflage. Roland grew up in a strict Quaker family. In 1918, as a conscientious objector, he joined the Ambulance Unit, serving with the British Red Cross in Italy. After studying architecture at Cambridge, Penrose switched to painting. In 1938 Penrose organized a tour of Picasso’s Guernica that raised funds for Republican Government in Spain…

Roland Penrose, “Good Shooting”, 1939

Roland Penrose as almost all surrealists was never too careful about allowing himself the pleasure of shocking the bourgeoisie. In some his paintings epater le bourgeois was his favorite “game” (in surrealist context, “game” doesn’t have today’s meaning of self-entertainment and/or money-making). It means logical, inspirational and spiritual concentration. And it means the critical analysis of human condition.

We see in Penrose’s painting that a woman with a beautiful torso is chained to a wall. And we see rather numerous traces of bullets around her figure – she was tortured by a well-known entertainment event for torturers named mock execution. The lower – the most precious part of the woman’s body is covered (by men who chained her) from guns and bullets by a combination of leather and iron. And that is not surprising. Men can agree to lose many qualities in their women but not that which is men’s paradise.

The woman’s blond hair is as crowns of trees, her incredibly attractive body and her face are full of light and sky and lake – in other words – tranquility and relaxation, fresh air and brightness. But… where is her real – human face? Here is one of the painting’s surrealist ruses. In Penrose‘s painting the beauty of female face is as if reduced to the landscape men like to share with women in widespread ritual of consumption of femininity – innocent and imperative pleasure of the men who like guns, shooting and women.

Human faces, according to god’s phantasy or caprice, are particular and specific. While they look similarly yet they are far from being identical. But Penrose here decides to go to the essence and reduce the face of a woman into components of man’s natural pleasure – a wild beach, sun, nudity, breeze, sky, light and opened trembling softness of a woman’s body moving in a languorous way. In other words, Penrose transforms the specificity of woman’s face into a generalized “makeup” of a common physical pleasure in the middle of nature – man’s impulsive and despotic sexual excitement, the twin of a good shooting intercourse. Of course, to transform woman’s face into a beach is a radical elimination of woman’s humanity and her natural albeit primal attractiveness. But violence was avoided – woman’s sexual paradise for men is protected.

Another way of eliminating woman’s face is to transform it into cosmetic makeup, not only that of “nature’s makeup”. Men are afraid of woman’s natural face – of her independent character, of her real or potential mind. But her sexual resources to satisfy men must be preserved as they are – they belong to men, to men’s sexual needs. Men freeze women’s sexual anatomy and transform her face into cosmetic or sand beach landscape. In other words, men have tamed women’s attractiveness by making it artificial and decorative – cosmetic (dollish) or sand-beachy.

The woman chained to the wall in Penrose’s painting which is registering the inventive ways of men’s violence against the opposite gender and their amorous dedication to guns and constant fight for power, makes us appreciate the painter’s futuristic realism, because today we live in a new century that is already victimized by conservative money-profit predators inventively looting the public resources.

But reality is that man and woman are amorously fixated on each other and it is for this reason a reciprocal manipulation and entanglement comes from the reality of human intimacy. In his painting “Good Shooting” Roland Penrose combines two metaphors of disturbing motifs of man-woman relationships – good shooting as violence against woman and “good sex” as male bravado addressing sexuality with woman. Good shooting as violence is the inability of a hyper masculinized and infantilized male psyche to love a woman’s face without makeup – as part of her body, while a good sex/fornicating is men’s disinterestedness to care about a woman’s humanity and her orgasmic culmination. The less humanistic education a man has internalized – the less proclivities he has for humanism and practical democracy. Man develops indifference towards a woman’s being and personality. Step by step man’s fixation on financial competition, private weapons and money-profit compensates him for growing indifference for woman as a human being. A woman for this kind of man is transformed into a mannequin as we see in Penrose’s painting. A woman’s orgasm becomes for such a man a signal of his masculine extra-potency – a trophy for his super-maleness. He needs more of such trophies, and it means – more females are adoring and admiring him for more and more financial rewards on his part.

Eventually the super-male picks women who fit him, with a face like smooth sand on the beach and/or like cosmetic makeup. He completely loses the feeling that woman is just another human being. And he has forgotten that long ago he himself was a human being – sensitive, awkward, not knowing what to do. But he is moving to the feeling of self-satisfaction. He feels mountains of banknotes accumulates around him. And his eternal wife, as he suddenly notices is quite happy to sometimes sit on this mountain. “Good shooting” became for him and for his women “good money”. His children become good money-makers. And money can provide a paradisiacal beach and cosmetic immortality.

Roland Penrose (1900-1984)

Roland Penrose in his mature years

To International Workers’ Day Celebrating Labor

Thomas Hart Benton, “Strike”, 1933

The soldier has already shot down one striker and is about ready to shoot the other two unarmed strikers from behind the iron defensive architectural façade. The commander is sitting on the sideline as if in his office while preparing bullets to help his soldiers against the workers. We see a strike placard in the hand of the worker, but we don’t discern anything written on it. Benton and all of us know, for sure. Workers are without any weapons. They are fighting with… their placards – they just want to explain why they are on strike. For this attempt to explain, to justify strike they will pay with their lives. The reason why Benton didn’t place any text on the placard poster, it seems, means that the strikers will not get what they want from the owners anyway. Strikers have only words of protest against the armed soldiers.

Thomas Hart Benton, “Strike”, 1933, (BW)

Thomas Hart Benton (1889-1975)

To love another human being vs to love an ideological monument – an authoritarian political leader.

Politics and love are realities belonging to different universes. Politics includes so many people that their ideological sympathies and antipathies, together with their political tastes belong to various hearts and souls and are different – that’s why people prefer different political leaders but are not fixated on them too much. They can agree or disagree with them, but life goes on. Even non-democratic countries in normal circumstances allow the public to have common sense political orientation and control their ideological passions – even in Nazi Germany or Soviet Union admiration for Hitler or Stalin was to a substantial degree only sentimentally existential – the philistine majority of the population can live without political risks and clashes.

A completely different situation comes about when a country becomes over-polarized – when extreme ideological concepts and extreme economic behavior create contradictory ideological currents with the danger of civil war storm and overexcited groups ready to or already started to clash. Then life begins to remind us clash of two men fighting over for irresistibly attractive woman, but with American touch – the competitive, not stormy political situation. Here we have not two men fighting for the beauty of the same woman, but two women (two political ideologies) fighting for the precious position of the pageant winner. As we see, men are disappeared from the centrality (reduced to the position of voters). Here is the difference between personal love and political theatrics. Two clashing political ideologies (two women) start to fight for the superiority of their political ideals – that is for the dominant ideology. The time of two parties in US has come to pass. Now, two groups (two men) fight not for one but for two irresistible women – two superior ideologies – democratic and conservative. Who compete are not just two men (two political parties), but two women (two ideologies). What a mess when love is mixed with politics – when the objects of love is… the top political leader and his despotic ideology.

But politically oriented people, whatever political ideology has them in its grip, should never fall for it unconditionally, with hearts beating too hard. To be passionately in love with the ideological doctrine is not a realistic or pragmatic option. We see this today – when habitual democratic norms of polite and basically humane treatment of one another is undermined by belligerent and insulting style of new administration. Prejudices and superstitions, projection of guilt into another people and pathological suspiciousness has become the verbal poisons which conservative politicians disseminate around. They are feeding on emotional dirt and after anally spread it around. Totalitarian ideal today is private financial success reinforced by the hate for anyone who refuse to join the fiesta of financial gluttony. This behavioral style has deprived our country of morally spiritual dedications. Despotic imposition of financial obsessions and calculations on the population makes US tragically unrecognizable. More people become simultaneously impulsive and scheming, chaotic in their will and dogmatic in planning their life. People are losing their contemplative love for nature. Instead they are dedicated to hyper fitness, athletic posturing, guns and recreational drugs.

Dogmas and stigmas become American’s marks. We are losing generalized uncertainty (inseparable from freedom), which covered the area of sacredness. And we become more and more involved in our political and/or religious ideologies and, of course, with entertainment, consumerism and self-pride and we are full of pompous hopes, egoistic dreams, predatory calculations and hate for various people, groups, nations, etc.

Especially despotically passionate type of conservative ideology came to nest over the US about four years ago. Its first repressive rule and actions was to deprive a substantial part of Americans including refugees, people with green cards and temporary visas – of the right to live in peace and to despotically push them around. A new government started to over-feed the richest segment of the American population with tax-payers’ money, tax breaks, bailouts, and this king’s love generosity was supported by austerity policies for the masses of American population. Putting pauperization on the working people and needy and nurturing the greedy corresponds to the posture of mutual flirting between people of power (rulers) and their “buddies” – the poor loving the wealthy and powerful through the psychological mechanism of identification (some poor deliriously consider themselves the similar souls with the rich and mighty). This illusion made the poor feel that ultimately they somehow will unite with the rich and mighty because they are… their spiritual “relatives” (the both categories hate democrats, democracy and humanistic/liberal education).

Moneymaking helps to rule and ruling helps moneymaking. Rich entrepreneurs prefer to sell to population entertaining items (like digital electronic toys and guns for goons) or extra-consumerist items (tattoos, drugs and cosmetics) instead of investing in improving conditions of life (in the crumbling infrastructures, renewal of old bridges, dilapidating schools, crumbling roads and old buildings, “ancient” pipes) or to improve the quality of food, water and air, medical and psychological handling of drug-addiction, etc.

But the life of mass people could be more real if they could be occupied with the truth of their situation, but they aren’t prepared for this by their country’s education. Instead of building their internal worlds, their souls and understanding of the reality they admire their conservative leaders with closed mind, eyes and ears. These passionate lovers are ready to kill for the sake of those whom they worship. They dream to occupy high positions in their society themselves. They transform their leaders into diamond fetish. They are, as if, washing themselves in their master’s sweat and odor. Like a peasant woman in love with her feudal landlord they are ready for everything and in any way their top leader wants it.

These carriers of idolatrous love for their bosses think they’re masculine. But they’re effeminate in the worse sense. They’re playing macho-masculinity, but under their skin they have a smooth sensitive layer of a trembling femininity.

Passionate love in politics is a perversion. Political leaders are for respect, not for love. But respect is supposed to be not a result of the feminine impulse of melting in front of your boss, but a consequence of serious thinking. Relying on passion is a dangerously wrong way of choosing a political top guy. Identification with a leader is possible only if it depends on a long, scrupulous and non-sentimental assessment of the personality of the leader, his education and sober refinement of his speech.

Pablo Picasso, “Petals of Thinking”…

It is not only that she has turned away from the world to a closed “consultations” with her loyal palm isolating her from the surrounding space. The point is that she is continuing to look at the world – she continues to be with the world not to lose contact with it even though she is frustrated by it. Perhaps the warm palm of her left hand consoles her, and maybe, it is what makes her to still be with the world, in spite of what has happened.

Her body is in darkness, and it’s only her palm, as if, pulls her face toward the light. But the very origin of light is going from the down – from the woman’s very body which she covers with the sheet by her right arm-and-hand. Her left breast is touched by this light while her right eye is still partially touched by darkness. But the woman’s left eye and her chin are completely on the side of life and light.

The future baby inside her is the origin of woman’s hope in spite of her grief and her hesitations. It is the very vitality of her heart lightening up her face, her eyes and giving power to her left hand to keep her alive and strong. Her fingers sculpt her lips. It is her heart – the light of life that will pierce the monotonously black sky over woman’s head and, may be, eventually lighten the sun. But the man who made the heroine of this Picasso’s painting doubly abandoned and whom she, probably, still loves, will dissolve into the darkness of her grief.

Hesitation between face and profile – between the woman’s right and left eyes is the contrast between her eyes in despair and hope – a matter of her choosing life and the world or being surrendered to temporary and capricious masculinity as a fetish. As we see, Picasso doesn’t give this young woman much choice. It is her femininity of life and generosity will win.

There is a feeling of total, ultimate satisfaction in battle, as if, you are… happy dancing on the very margin of abyss.
Paraphrase from Pushkin’s poem

We cannot see our unconscious. And we cannot understand our particular impulses and reactions. We didn’t invent our own psychological equivalent of bacteria and viruses and a microscope making us see them threatening peace of our life or our own aggressive desires from the bottom of our motivations. Our intentions and actions are not available to our understanding. We are enigmas to ourselves. We learn about our personalities, our habits and what and whom we like or don’t like – step by step. And we learn what to love and what to hate in the outside world from others who are not too good in explaining to us the nature of our own proclivities. What we learned about ourselves we often perceive superficially, without understanding or merely through dogmatic imitation. Gradually we internalizing schemes of our own behavior, and we don’t have an idea why we like to violate the social norms or peace with others. Why do we like to play with arms? Why already in childhood we are prone to fight with one another? Why our quarrels with fathers often destroy home harmony? And why do we have to be obedient at all?

There are good people and there are bad ones – here is the wisdom of Hollywood Westerns claiming that only a trained bullet fight with the bad characters can sustain our lives and save our future. Our proclivity for aggression is spontaneous, but at the same time our proclivity for aggression is polished by professional propagandists who in their term serve the socio-political leadership on the top, those big noses smelling the heaven. Countries are different by the degree of competitiveness among the population. US for example, is one of the most intra-competitive countries in the world. Of course, here the most central precious symbol to compete for is money-profit – universal measure of all things. Competitiveness creates twins of equals – greed and hate or hate and greed or greedy hate or hateful greed. For us Americans, the world starts here with the emotional mixture of these two impulses activated by the injection of competitive itch.

Greed makes an average human being to grab, appropriate and possess. Hate makes him to fight in order to appropriate and to win the battle with others to successfully possess what is appropriated. Competitiveness itself is a political ideology asserting and justifying the freedom for greed and the right to hate. It is, as if, the root of a plant making greed and hate grow to start to flower and finally bare fruits and seeds. The readers of these lines are encouraged to imagine the results of such flowering under the influence of competitive injection. To compete – to fight for, to compete – to be ahead of your competitors. To compete – to win. We all see this inevitable “dialectics” of American life – winning or losing – all around us. The winner looks like a sunflower, for example like Lord Bankfine. But the loser is not completely losing – he is getting pride because of participating in noble magic game of competition! To compete is to fight for success, with passion, with excitement, with mobilization of bravery and guts, to become a breakneck, to lose leg, to get electronic prosthesis, to become a hero, etc. Some people observe competition with a seeming indifference. The majority observe it with admiration and jealousy. Many Americans today including the younger generations are dreamers of becoming masters of competitiveness. Most of them – of conservative orientation, have greed for noble – proud greed, greed as a virtue. And they carry hate as a badge of honor.

The main reason for competitiveness, greed and hate is socio-political ideology, which are perceived by the economic and political leadership as fundamental civilized values (if to put it in euphemistic mini-box, of course – where competitiveness will be civil valor, greed as economic bravery and hate as a patriotic heroism). Successful authoritarian and, it means, totalitarian leadership organizes life and propaganda of competitiveness (with muscles of greed and hate) with such virtuosity, that these virtues become as the basic secular religion of human life, like Communism in Soviet Russia.

Of course, there are also individuals (born with psychopathic or sociopathic potentials) who even without totalitarian leaders on top will form the need for competitive greed/hate, often as a result of pathological atmosphere in the family. These creatures already from childhood can develop a fixation for competitive posture with greed/hate combination. Some of these kids may become “champs” of greed/hate and disagreeable and “competitively” manipulative. They even can have a good chance to become a bill-mill (billionaire/millionaire), to have mansions in various geographical locations, lands and yachts in many seas, golf courses and girls in every spots for spits or pets in the pots, etc.

Bill-mills are formed by a society based on the ideal of competitive greed/hate. And for such society war means war from the bedroom and dining room. Even generals sometimes (rarely) can be killed in military actions, but not bill-mills-the greedy haters, playing with golden coins under the sky.

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