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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

There are people who are designed to violently eliminate others from their environment. Right wing extremist mob wants to kill, all over the world.
Klaus Theweleit

Having lived in Moscow and trying to psychologically distance myself from the monotonous Soviet life wasn’t too difficult because my mother had from my early childhood oriented my idle attention on European playwrights. It’s not surprising that since I was about eleven years old I hunted after European and American films in urbanistic centers. Politically speaking, I gave myself to emotional escapism which eventually pointed to future routs of emigration. In the seventies US still smelled of democracy where “freedom” was still on the streets, in the air, in chats and laughter, in, as if abandoned bookstores and intellectual movie theaters… Unexpectedly somebody like Trump fell down from ripped cloud or jumped up from over-exhausted soil.

His megalomaniacal bravado, cheap-chop rhetoric, hot hate and narrow focus on money-money-making started even much earlier with Nixon, Reagan, Bush Jr., etc. Trump’s arrogance unexpectedly was in tune with the culturally illiterate and proudly uneducated masses mainly from the rural states and with angry (because of their frustrated greed for “making it”) people from the urbanistic corners in love with high-tech super-guns. Even then it was still difficult for me to think that one day such groups will function here as equivalent of SA in Germany. Trump easily becomes the dear father-mother of his admirers and fans – creatures with minimal verbal scope and with dream of beating dissimilar people and “professionally” braking their bones.

Democracy is a democratic country of the demos (sorry for the almost unavoidable tautology). The recent American top-pop-mop leader doesn’t know what demos is about or he recognizes its unpleasant aspects and “vulcanizing” against it with all the might of his obsessive nature. He does everything not to help people on the bottom, he is going out of his way not to help them, but in propaganda situations he brags publicly and loudly about his inexhaustible generosity. To say that he despises demos is as soft as a high-tech (smart) pillow. It just above him to spend money on “contemptible paupers”. Indeed, why should he? It is for him like to torture money.

He encircles himself not only with people who “share” his opinions, but who in addition are full of admiration of his “athletic intellect” and “penetrating humor”. Their task is to get what he himself trying to say (where his wandering intuition is headed) and help other people see his super-version of things. It seems that the number of people in and around WH whom Trump fired after they started their careers is sport record in the history of a presidential behavior. The point here is that on the one side he needs the objective opinions of his staff, but on the other the opinions must be… identical with his. His staff should polish his prejudices – a difficult profession for those who works for him. So, his superstitions victoriously branching off in all directions like soap bubbles and are projected to the world’s audience of fans and TV-viewers ecstatically reacting on him with limitless hurrahs and loyalty of night stars during his sleeping hours!

The closer one is to the exceptional personality – the happier one becomes. Person like Trump is precious individual irradiating “wisdom” which besides being universal is also unique! His “wisdom” subliminally caresses those who approach him and transforms regular people into exceptional individuals. He not only rules over the country, opens people up to another aspects of life, he is also like a close friend, with whom you will feel good, happy and powerful, more – exceptional and great. All his daily propagandist messages on twitter are result of his pre-scientific, pre-thinking, pre-contemplative (it means – without any dogmatism) efforts for the sake of people.

But this irresistible leader’s primordial rhetoric is based on his irritability – furious hatred towards those who study sciences. It is not by chance or by triviality that Trump harbors hostility for his critics or for not-too friendly others or simply people dissimilar from him in their ideas. Here, we coming closer to the psychological depth of Trump’s animosity towards his opponents. It seems that he cannot without an animus go through a day. When he is not admired or finds himself among people indifferent towards him his anger is as natural as barking of leashed guardian dog. It looks like without hungry anger and hunting hate our leader cannot be. It is, as if without negative emotions for “stubborn others” he doesn’t feel himself alive.

Everybody is surrounded by all types – some are friends, some acquaintances or semi-friends or even those who’re indifferent or sometimes critically inclined. For normal people to have not only friends but non-friends is normal – they understand that people are different and agree with this as a normal fact of life (or are glad about the versatility of democratic country or even grateful to democracy for not having over-restrictive social norms and standards as totalitarian countries). But for Trump to have versatility of population is like a Dinosaur’s bone stuck in the human throat. He wants everybody to admire him, as if, to be abandoned by people’s unconditional admiration is the death trap making him abandoned forever. People with democratic psychological predisposition are unavoidable in a democratic country. Why would a person in the highest position of leadership be so vulnerable to the existence of diverse public opinion? Trump is very much like Stalin was in his reaction on people who are “not in love with his personality”. For Stalin people “who are not with him and don’t think exactly like him” were politically and ideologically suspicious. Then he immediately felt that such people are disloyal betrayers ready to undermine communism and Soviet Union. For Trump it is also – “if people don’t see the world in ‘Trump’s way’ he dismisses or denounces them as fakes, enemies of the American people, US and the future!”

Like George Bush Jr. had a very difficult upbringing and many problems with both parents who as typical conservatives were too strict and ascetic, Trump, also it seems, was never emotionally nurtured enough by his family and even now after a long life lived he needs generous signs of appreciation, acceptance and admiration from others. It is the opposite of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was – positive, joyful and polite (in spite of facing substantial opposition from the conservatives) and could say publicly – “I am welcoming your hate”, while Trump in this situation could be already smashed, filled by repugnance, lashing out and yearning for vengeance. Undoubtedly, comparing with Trump Roosevelt was an amazingly strong personality and had a lucky family environment and childhood.

For presidency you need psychologically and mentally a healthy person. An indicator of health of a human soul is… generosity towards others – giving them chance for self-respect, to feel free to have their own identity, views, inclinations and passions. But Trump as a petty and resentful person prefers to fire anyone who is not an ass-kisser or bootlicker. But when people praise and agree with him he visually gains fats of self-respect. He, who never knew military service and of course never studied war history and warfare thinks he knows and understands war and battles better than all the generals, like he believes he understands medicine better than all the medical specialists and physicians, or finance better than economists, and people and human societies in general without ever spending a second learning and studying the tormenting convulsions of history. He believes that moneys apprehend, respect and love him – money which he is trying to transform into myney (my money) as professional athletes grow muscles, pride and glory and, of course, greatness.

Of course, one person even a monster is not enough to create stable disaster – even a freak-and-crook needs a good company to be successful in freakiness and crookedness. Trump is lucky to have numerous and versatile helpers. First of all there are strange animals – “banknote eaters” whose job is to redirect taxpayers’ money into the pockets of the billionaires who in turn will provide Him and them (and the GOP conservative politicians) the extra-dollars for holding on to their political seats and block newcomers from challenging them in Congress and Senate. Secondly, there are conservative politician-guards with ferocious fists and high-tech guns – masters of intimidation and pain-inducers. They are rich but not the top superrich – they are more creatures of power than of wealth. They come from the noble tradition of inquisition and continue with its modernization.

Save us even from one gram of Trump, from his poisonous breath. Save us from his triumphant smile. Let us forget his speeches-itches, his storming-warnings, his stupid cupidity (or cupid stupidity), his fallen foolishness, his parading pride and his pretentious hairdo as a rotten monument of his eternal presidential infantilism. Save us and everybody else from his weapon trade which will help people of various countries to fight each other and be paid by them money which will be never seen by pauperized American taxpayers.

I believe in American exceptionalism! I believe in American greatness! Barack Obama

The very concept of Great life, Greatness of life, life as a something Great, American or universal Dream as a dream of greatness or even verbal expressions such as great achievement, great future, great potential, great job/work, great income/salary, etc. seem to point at megalomaniacal/self-aggrandizing “bad taste”. Of course, the point here is not about bad taste as such as it is the sad fact that the majority of the people who can have the irresistible need to characterize whatever it may be, with terms which shine like a banner or prize, like a star or the sun, like the great might of a super nuclear bomb, like the golden equivalent of trillions or “our” conquest of other planets and worlds (with their crooked alien inhabitants!).

Of course, nobody can recommend to “arrest” words like “great” and “greatness” and to put them in solitary confinement, but they’re inseparable from the human deep need of using such words – it tells us about the very emotions we experience in our dedication and love by using these kind of words in our everyday life. Yes, somehow people cannot live without their greatness or exceptionalism, be it reality or innocent fabrication, belief of the weak or illusion of the brave. Probably, without such words Homo Sapience is like a slug between grass and sand. For our specie greatness is like a giant wings towards the unlimited. And we want to be the unlimited. We want the wind to be our servant. We want the wind to be at our disposal, like in Pushkin’s story about the “Fisherman, his wife and the golden fish”.

“We“, the brave and hardworking conservatives destroyed the native American Indians (and left devastated bunches of them to live like wild animals). And we transported Africans to our lands as our slaves. And if it wasn’t for those who betrayed us – the plebian democrats (with help of the abominable lefties) – we, the great masters of the Earth, ready to rule over the planet, already could deserved happiness and medals of greatness.

Without greatness there is no power, self-confidence, the ability to command, to demand work get done, the ability to use people productively like Pharaohs did with the obedient bodies of paupers-builders of the ancient Pyramids. Democrats with their sissy ideas of respect and love for regular (bottom) people instead of forcing them to work hard – don’t let us, conservatives become greater and more exceptional in our potential capacities and our ambitions. By creating democratic obstacles for our talents and powers they make us weak and timid – they put sticks into our wheels and bones into our throats. With their endless regulations democrats don’t let us to use our money and abilities productively. They waste our economy and destroy our future! We, Americans with money and property want to be free to be potent and strong as we are in essence. The poor don’t need money – their power is in ability to work for us who know how to make our country really exceptional and great like no one country in the world.

But from where did this desperate need to be exceptional and great come from? Not to be contemplative about and admiring Creation, not to be caring and compassionate towards other people, not to melt in front of nature with its flora and fauna? How were parents able to teach and make their children so militant, aggressive, with desire to fight, compete to be stronger than others (instead of being wise and smart), and dream of getting ahead of others! May be, it’s not even so much parents as the socio-political system that teaches kids suspicion and contempt for the weaker and for dissimilar people, other nations. May be, it is because the financial elite ruling the country and trying hard to stay on top in order to guarantee their absolute domination over everything and everyone on the Planet including planet itself. Socio-political evil is not static or dynamic – it is carefully developing as if nothing – to shock the world with unexpected and triumphant transformation.

Power over people and nature, predatory magic of private wealth and sharp calculating minds determined to manipulate reality are the three kings with a power, as if interwoven with life. Human beings with gentle sensitive hearts identifying with Creation and loving natural life and other human beings are step by step marginalized, put aside and isolated by the devastating and predatory conservative “exceptionalism” and “greatness”. Previous generations of conservative fighters for personal success were motivated by intolerance and cruelty fed by their panicky fear of dissimilar human beings and countries. This panic stimulated them to hide behind their billions and weaponry. But the next generations of conservatives are not frightened as their predecessors – with great pride and confidence they fight for more effective and extreme domination.

According to traditional (archaic) psychoanalysts the reason of the psychological weakness and emotional timidity on part of the children of democratic parents is the absence of the intra-family fight with gentle fathers. Conservative fathers are authoritarian, rude and tough – they are able to break their children (sometimes even with corporeal punishment), who then “resurrect” as nasty and severe fighters for success. But gentle fathers create weak (without being broken) children who later as adults confront their conservative opponents and are simply smashed by the conservatives thugs and louts who with several of their insulting blows and humiliating epithets clipping and pruning reduce even the most insistent liberal opponent into a “humane and gentle” smiling compromising “negotiators”.

The only way here is to joke – to try to do to conservative troublemakers what in their childhood their monstrous fathers did to them (spanking their bottoms). It seems, that this operation with adult conservatives could transform them, though, probably, only temporarily, into behaving delicately with democratic gentlemen…

But can stupidity learn? Or, can it learn whatever it is, successfully? It looks like it can learn at least to the degree of stupid person’s ambition. But how-how-how is stupidity able to learn? Perhaps, because of modern technical science’s perfected drilling techniques. Advanced technical education can make even brainless “smog” a maker and polisher of something.

We hear from the artists of techno-science that math is an art. And I believe them without any arrogant minuses on my part from what they assert. There is a tiny nucleus of artist-mathematicians in the world like there is a small enclave of billionaires. But the majority sweating while chasing after money are far from being honored by recognition. The crowd of math-professionals are rather “cargo” specialists although we can be sure that they do well on their level of pop-needs.

So, what should these privates of first class mathematicians do with the stupidity arrogantly sitting inside them? Sophisticated drilling of mathematically unsophisticated minds is a very smart strategy. Professionalism on any level can ease the stubborn human presence in the world, but is quite able to provide even minimum of education for stupid people who will then admire stupid leaders and with stupid solemnity vote for them on the Election Day. More, they solemnly “wearing” super-high-tech assault machine-guns ready for a bloody-stupid demarches on the streets of American cities.

Stupid people are guards of the wealthy and powerful who provide them knowledge of how to intimidate the philistines. These guards have existed for millennia and they continue not only in US. Their role is not just to guard the financial and ideological “monarchs”, but …-kissing and …-licking them. Yes, they professionally carry out the orders and commands of their superiors.

These are the people who never read serious books or watch complicated films or “un-understandable” paintings – who have never known what thinking is, but only calculation and obedience, who never had disinterested thoughts (their own minds belong to money, hate and beating and harming demonstrators). They never witnessed that thoughts can have a complicated dance with one another and create configurations by combining a more complicated mind architecture.

We live in a time when nature is in agony by the deeds of those that are incinerating its life and beauty by their greed for more and more money and power. But we are still spiritually semi-alive with hope even though it is naïve and too human.

Life as a phenomenon and life as a fact
Life as a meaning and life as an experience
Life as a paradox and life as an offer
Life as an ordeal and life as a choice.

Only life as a phenomenon or meaning or a paradox or an ordeal – is exclamatorily worthy and then a person is trying to keep it to him/herself as love not in order to even live but to possess… life.

But if someone’s life either as a fact, or experience, or an offer or a choice – life for this person is not absolute – with overwhelming value, therefore s/he can risk to die… whether at the beginning of life or somewhere in the midst or already on the periphery of life.

Only if a person is… absurdly – meaninglessly dedicated to life – to let your breath to carry you with itself – s/he can indulgently feel because his/her very being is in love with life even if the person isn’t conscious about it.

Love for life is so basic and at the same time it’s an amorphous kind of love that it contradicts the human interest towards concrete things and particular obsessions – love for women, friends and even love for money, success and power, not to mention such attractive areas as consumerism and entertainments or good and solid job providing a decent income, etc.

Of course, life as the object of love is as jealous about its lover as mountains, oceans, sun, night or even clouds. It keeps you with itself, it touches you and it plays with you until the moment it will desire to avenge you for being mortal – for the universal weakness of passively and frivolously depending on life. It gave you chance but will not forgive your ineptitude.

It’s less ignoble to lose what is really worthy than to climb up the existential toys of petti fascinations with life. To touch what is possible to caress, even you will soon enough be rewarded is a child’s game adults proudly indulge in. But its deadly rewards are as temporary as your health, as disappearing as one’s destiny…

The majority of human beings takes life as fragments to choose from – to develop one’s profession, to compete, to grow as a professional, have fun, to pick up friends, to build one’s popularity, to project your love and sexual generosity and enrich your competence to be a success. People of fragments are lovers of existential drops and crumbs. They’re amorously fixated on technical toys and gadgets, electronics, techno-magic, super-guns, prosperous way of life, on being entertained, on promising careers, versatile sports, amours, sex and adventurous travels. As we see, these people are full of partial but passionate interests. They are interested not so much in the world as in the things and actions the world has to offer. They are takers/users and are attracted to what looks attractive. They are symbiotic with fragments of the world. They are greedy not for the world, but for its flashy-fleshy aspects. Yes, they are consumers of the world and of its natural and artificial, technical parts. In other words they like to appropriate and consume the many forms of reality human life consists of. In this sense their life is overfilled although under-meaningful, but even over-meaning cannot compete with what is overfilled.

It is easy to compare a human being living to enjoy life (or at least trying to enjoy) – as touching or grabbing life as if it’s collection of multicolored attractions, and on the other hand a contemplative posture of feeling and thinking about life. It is like a discrepancy between a permanent embrace of life itself and living in between slippery affairs of a tiresome, incurable and eventually unbearable world of multiplicity.

Is there a difference or similarity between the two human postures – a smoldering loyalty to eternal living and a suffocating permanent reincarnations of monotonous versatility? Is there a dissimilarity between love for the process of universal life and love for satisfying and disappointing waste of yourself and the world? A perpetual reunification of the human soul with the planetary life is a reunion with the world life while overexcited and tiresome attempts to play with worldly toys is only re-consumption of the world’s overworked flesh.

Preamble: New Collaboration – Previous Leading Soviet Communists and Today’s American Neocons (A New Financial Symbiosis)

The Soviet Communists’ discoveries of their ideological similarities with the American neoconservatives demonstrate that it is really only the American liberal democrats with whom they have a problems, but during the Gorbachev-Reagan period they suddenly found in American neocons their lost brothers. Ex-Soviet rich’s impression about US was that it’s the liberal democrats create the “ideological mess” with their “pathological ideas about freedom for the poor and their equality with the wealthy”, but that the neocons are O.K. “They are like our own bones and muscles.”

In American neocons the previous top Soviet communists and post-Soviet Russian rich really found their wealthy relatives. They understood that instead of waiting for the “fall of capitalism” (habitual “sport” of the Soviet fanatics) they better learn from the American rich how to rule over the masses in Russia more effectively. They learned how to get rich without pretending of being poor with a fresh feeling of having sacred right to be richer than most of the people.

Before, in USSR Russian “secret rich” still felt uneasy that they are much richer amidst sea of naked proletarians, fearing that people will accuse them of stepping away from Marx’s sculptured gaze. Now, they came to learn that people will swallow everything if to be resolute and tough as the American wealthy are. If before the Soviet Russians had to pretend that they are as poor as the majority of the people, now they discovered how to be boldly proud of being richer and socially stronger than other people.

Now, in post-communist Russia the sons of the previous elites sing a new tune – “We are different from regular folks. Everything we have and use belongs to us, and we have much more myney (my money) to influence the political process than regular people. Long live personal enrichment! Onward to the victory of banknote individualism! Personal wealth will defend the wealthy from the greedy and arrogant poor! Private capital is the real ideology – more reliable than the ludicrous Marxist humanism!”

Starting with 1990s the previous top communists in Russia started to systematically focus on the American rich, in a time when the US media was especially pestering the American entrepreneurs with aches and hives. Liberal government’s endless inspections didn’t let the business people to pursue their financial maneuvers as “freely” as they wished for. “Democratic press and speech were making the American public too capricious and demanding. Liberal government sucked a lot of money through taxations for social services for the poor – money that deserved a better use. The working public was spoiled by benefits, expecting well paid jobs, high salaries and were allowed to strike, while in Soviet Union strikes wisely were not allowed. In US the rich were sick and tired of liberals ridiculing patriotism.” The middle class greed was another point irritating the American rich: “Middle-classers were expecting to live like the wealthy (without being one). They wanted to dictate us their conditions! No way!”

Manifesto of the Wealthy

“No, it cannot continue like this! We want a government that will serve us, the productive and innovative members of society instead of serving the parasitic poor and spoiled middle-classers. We must be treated according to Herbert Spencer’s definition of the rich as the benefactors of the humankind – we are the ones who create the very advancement of the civilization.”

“We are exhausted to be lectured by the liberal intellectuals about morality and high cultural values as more important than money power. And we don’t need regular people and their government put their noses into our plans for global financial expansion – we don’t need their ‘universalism of international solidarity’.”

“Yes, we believe in someone like Trump trumpeting clean air to the whole world. We, the wealthiest will not hide from anyone anymore the fact that the main source of our money is taxpayers’ money. We have the right to this money because we know what to do with it! While we should talk about the sacredness of free market we solemnly dream about monopolistic power over market – it is the power with which we transform civilization!”

“We-the rich should be allowed to produce more wealth, to become richer because we know better and are financially smarter. By our efforts human finances are transformed and converted into superhuman energy which we are ready to share with those who are deprived of financial gens and brains”.

“And it’s humiliating for us to hide behind the plebs-oriented ideology of democratic equality and justice for all – it is a radical obstacle for us the exceptional and precious minority. We deserve to be appreciated and recognized as natural leaders, on whom the future of whole species has to depend on. We refuse to play democracy/plebs-mocracy/poor-mocracy. We will not appeal to the poor and liberals. We don’t need their permission to continue our efforts to become richer!”

“In US we have to lie that we are for the poor, that we are dedicated to proles, that the reason we are rich is to be able to be more useful to the poor – to serve them better. It is, damn, humiliating and absurd! When this cult of the poor, inept and stupid people will end?! When will the financially talented people start to be promoted?”

“We, the American wealthy thought that the Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian rich are the crazy left, while now we understand that they are the good and healthy conservative right masking themselves as left to mislead international fanatic communists and aggressive poor. But these ‘left’ are in actuality the right, as we ourselves. Is history crazy and perverted enough to make the organic right look like the incompetent, good for nothing and stupid left? It is exactly like we were for decades in US pretending to admire not only the poor but the democrats. But we don’t need to be the democratic clowns anymore. Now we will be and already are in charge!”

“Why under democracy we, producers and suppliers of of new goods, creators of reality, developers of civilization, have to be supervised by the so-called ‘people’s government’ – by the bureaucrats elected by the poor and reporting to them, and administrators who order us what to do and what not to do?”

“And we will not put up with these miserable journalists (chewers of empty sounds) who want to investigate everything we do. They put their noses into our business and report every move we make and every thought we exchange with one another to the public and in a manner that makes us look bad. And we are expected to let them do it under the pompous labels of “Democracy and Freedom of Speech” (fraud-om of kitsch). These self-proclaimed knights of public chatter hate business without understanding that the precious opportunities of human future are in our hands, the hands of the jewelers of entrepreneurship!”

Family Success

Happy children of a prosperous couple.

Privately the Wealthy Get Together?

George Grosz, “Five o’clock tea”

When wealthy are wealthy enough they use their wealth to make more wealth, but not wealthy enough look for wealthy enough as benefactors.

Close But Professional Friends

While pimp is searching the horizon his protégé feels self-confident…

The couple’s relative prosperity made the wife to feel sentimental attachment to extra-clothes.

Pappi und Mammi

George Grosz, “Pappi und Mammi”, 1921-22

Father is old and tired but the mother is full of life

Sexual and/or alcoholic stimulation

George Grosz, “Orgy”

Sexual function can prolong life like alcoholic beverages, but…

The failure of success

Success which has disappeared from the life of a successful prostitute makes her desperate and her pimp suspicious.

Preparation For Big Success

George Grosz, “Mensch ist Gut” – Serious preparation for business1

Serious preparation for business2

Ask For the Billionaire

Billionaire demands lowering the cost of his business by threatening to relocate it to another state

Liberals In Process of Successful Survival Produce Smiles of Momentary Relaxation

Liberal Smile Is Smile of Politeness, Openness, Optimism, Smile of General Positivity, of Goodness, of Welcoming the Future – It’s Smile of Friendliness, Niceness, Smile of Liberalism

With the Help of German “Liebe” (Love), “Lieben” (to Love) and “lieb” (dear) Liberals Transform “liberalism” into “Lieberalism”

For conservative masses to listen to a conservative pop-politician or to watch him in an ad-like posturing is pure, dense and forever remembered pleasure. Neocon politicians flatter people by steering in them the most indulgent narcissism and the most archaic hate for dissimilar people. That’s how the Soviet communists flattered the uneducated Russian masses by suggesting that as soon as they follow Communist doctrine they are the smartest and the wisest people ever lived on Earth and that even the corniest among them are intellectually ahead of all the bourgeois scholars and politicians everywhere in the world.

But democratic voters, on the other hand cannot indulge in feelings of jubilant superiority and righteous hate. Instead they try to understand the problems as they are – difficult, boring, intractable and resistant. They recognize that they cannot grasp the problems immediately, like the conservatives who love to belief that they are smarter and don’t need to study life to know it. To get that you need time and effort to understand reality is an incredible psychological burden for our self-image, it’s practically, humiliation, and you need to have a strong ego to sustain it. Conservative mass-electorate is not on this level of psychological development. The second difficulty democratic voters have to endure is that they cannot surrender to hate and start to scapegoat those who are dissimilar. The task of liberal politicians is how to involve the people without overwhelming them. But what is the direction of the liberal smile?

Only gradually and painfully it becomes clear that the liberal smile exists instead of political direction, that direction is this very smile which in reality is the goal of the political process according to lieberal unconscious. This smile is political, it is lieberal politics itself. This is the shy-shining smile of Bill Clinton, which we all remember from endless TV clips starting from 1991. It is the pleasure smile of not being conservative, of being a lieberal. It is already the great achievement of lieberalism – to be good, nice, polite, and positive, to stay optimistic and hopeful in spite of everything.

At some point Bill Clinton’s shy-shining smile became the smile of sadness. This smile of sadness is a defeated, conquered smile that is lost but still smiling. It is a smile conquered but still appealing. It is Bill Clinton’s smile after Monica Lewinski’s affair, the smile of a sludge squeezed by the neocon’s boot. Bill Clinton joined Bush Sr. in advertising their positivity toward the world. Later he went abroad with his sad smile that became the logo of defeated liberalism and its kindness/goodness toward the world. Turned off smiling became the next historical step in lieberal smiling – the smile’s seriousness represented by Al Gore who lost the election without losing it, who lost the Presidency without losing to the opponent. Al Gore’s is the image of a sadly serious lieberal smile even when he is not smiling. Lieberal smile is a smile even when a person is furious or desperate or dead serious. Lieberals are smiling to the public even when they are obviously not smiling. Lieberal smile is a structural one; it is still smile even when there is no smile at all.

The shy-shining smile of joyful Clinton-the victorious, the defeated smile of sadness and despair of the insulted and humiliated Clinton, Gore’s smile of appeal without joy of hope, the smile of seriousness of his global warming warnings – these are smiles of lieberals trapped and locked by neocons.

Lieberal cannot produce anger or indignation. It will still be a smile even when they are desperate, angry or indignant. Lieberal smile is a grimace of the inability to fight. It is a mask of psychological defense against fighting for your cause, for your ideals, and risking on this path.

It is not that lieberals are not able to fight. They are – for opened position, for jobs, for a place in financial hierarchy. They can fight by voting for issues. They cannot fight in a context of sharp political and ideological conflict. They need sublimated fighting environment where conflict is reduced to contradiction, and contradiction to the civil ritual of exchanging arguments and counting votes.

Lieberals are children of lieberal procedures’ Immaculate Conception. They are Immaculate Conception politicians.

Sanjuro (A Homeless Guru as a Teacher and Role Model) is not a film about sword play and is not a samurai drama.

It is a film about the fatal danger democratic societies face today: the danger of being overthrown by the right wing political powers.

In “Sanjuro” Kurosawa provides a penetrating psychological analysis of the right wing-conservative politicians using many Western analogies.

Kurosawa dedicates special attention to the analysis of the psychological condition of the young people who can be easy target of conservative propaganda.

From Sanjuro, the main character of the film we can learn a lot about the values alternative to the dominant orientation on power, wealth and war.

Kurosawa (in the center) prepares the scene with Sanjuro (to the left) and Muroto who judges Sanjuro by analogy with himself – as a person who is looking to be hired and is ready to impress his anti democratic employers and promote himself for higher rewards. Indeed, who in our times can expect that a new employee, instead of trying to please his masters will risk his life to disinterestedly help those in need of help, and think in democratic categories of justice, fairness, decency and equality, than think in terms of his own career- and money-making?

Posted on April 26, 2010 – Akira Kurosawa’s “Sanjuro” (1962) – A Homeless Pauper by Moral Reasons as a Role Model* by Acting-Out Politics

Posted July 5 2014 –   “Sanjuro” (1962), by Akira Kurosawa by Acting-Out Politics

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