For Conservatives Life Is Too Narrow and Boring. To Feel Okay They Need to Add Domination, Appropriation and Possession to their lives.

The difference between those who love to live and those who like to fight can already be observed in elementary schools during class breaks. Most boys are reasonably friendly and peaceful, and if they are coming into conflict – then, mainly, they resolve it either verbally or through grouping into strategic alliances of comradeship. But some boys are teasers, mockers and bullies with a strange need for direct confrontation and domination. Such aggressive boys usually have a charismatic capability to organize gang-like loyalties and even attract the peaceful and relaxed boys toward taking pleasure from dominating other kids.

It is from the ranks of teasers, mockers and bullies that grow irresponsible military, political and economic leaders – the hot headed obsessed creators of clashes, fights and wars, the aggressive builders of global economic empires and maniacal inventors of super-strategies of financial adventurism.

While the peaceful and relaxed adolescents and youths are contemplating life, observing the world outside and inside them, and learning collaboration (by using little instruments of words and ideas), the young people who are over-alert and strained by their conquering ambitions are more and more drawn into a feverish desire to control, manipulate, and keep others under their grip.

In the Soviet Union bullies of belligerent idealism (BBIs) created a political system that was based on the global fight for planetary domination. In today’s terms the leading Soviet communists would call themselves the pioneers of global political expansion (PGPEs). A person with Bush Junior’s psychological proclivities would find himself very comfortable in the big halls of Politburo meetings – the same naïve identification with Absolute Goodness, the same naïve identification of human difference (otherness) as an enemy and the enemy as Absolute Evil. All idols behave identically – they equally yearn for innocent human blood. There is something deeply and depletedly-perverted in idolizing (taking without criticism) ideas and ideals.

Today we see in the American cultural and political life an amazing situation – the argument between those who have grown up from the peaceful and relaxed kids: the democrats, and those who have developed into full fledged bullies (conservatives). The first are occupied with political discourse, while the second are obsessed with victory by any price. The first have a traditional respect for facts, but the second care only about political victory. Democrats are operating in a three part political universe: themselves, their conservative opponents, and the truth – facts as they are in their stubborn facticity. Conservatives are operating in a two-part political universe: their liberal opponents and themselves. That’s where American politics is today – Democrats try to prove something by appealing to the facts; Republicans try to reach victory by twisting and travesty-ing facts. For them it is a natural thing to do, because in war deception is the normal (and effective) way to victory. For the Republicans deceiving is not dishonesty – it is just a military (reliable) strategy for beating the opposition.

The different status of factual truth for Democrats and Republicans is the ultimate cultural difference between a meaningful and a meaningless cultural universe, between what makes and keeps sense and what doesn’t, between the future and its absence. If the orientation on victory is not balanced by respect for the facts, then victory is meaningless, a mere goal in itself, a golf, a gulf. Without factual truth on its side victory is illusory and cannot be differentiated from defeat. This is the main lesson we have learned from eight years of Bushmerica.