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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

“The Skin” From the first glance, Cavani’s film (which on the level of the plot is about American liberation of Italy in 1944) is about human history – how historical process smashes human beings as a tank rolls over the human body crushing it (one among many images of the film it is impossible to […]

“Milarepa” represents an unprecedented encounter between spiritual needs of the Western youth belonging to the generation born after WW2 (personified by Italian student interested in Eastern spirituality) and the teaching of greatest Tibetan mystic, yogi and Saint Milarepa. We follow the student and his professor from Roma to Tibet in their attempt to understand better […]

“Winter Light” by Ingmar Bergman (1962) is the second part of his “religious trilogy” (the first, “Through Glass Darkly” – 1960, and the third, “Silence” – 1962). In the first film, the basic (for achieving enlightened life) human abilities – to love without psychological defensiveness and to be vital without de-sublimation, that together as a […]

“Foyle’s War” (British detective series, available on PBS) is much more than a number of detective stories about the prowess and talent of an honest man and a good crime investigator – Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen). It is a film about idolatry of “our country” (Britain) during pre-war, war and post-war times, when […]

Liberal Warrior in a land of giant posters, ambitious secret agents, politicians-servants of power, intellectualizing workers and bartenders, fitness ladies and writers fighting for success. Anna Karina’s heroine tries hard to balance the business of fight without hate and revenge without gloating with her personal charm of intelligence framed by femininity. She becomes a professional […]

The four characters of the film – two men and two women represent four solutions to the human existential problem. The director challenges viewers to understand what they are. The actors’ uniquely intelligent acting creates in front of our eyes a kind of alive encyclopedia of psychological expressiveness that you continue to return to even […]

Personal love and professional dedication to art support one another in this sophisticated tale about what artistic intellectuals were occupied with during a historical period when European totalitarianism in various countries (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc.) was forming. Personal love becomes intensified not only by being a part of human soul’s artistic yearning but also […]

By analyzing the everyday life of a typical German family Fassbinder demonstrates the historical similarities between the German “democracy” and the times of Nazi power in terms of how despotic ideology transforms people into robots. If war is a continuation of politics by another means, the post-WW2 German economic miracle is a continuation of Nazi […]

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