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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

9th letter to the readers The new book Ideological Superstitions and Political Misperceptions in the 20th-21st Centuries by Victor Enyutin focuses on the ability of the mature ego to psychologically anchor moral and ethical imperatives, and argues that it is people’s psychological underdevelopment what commits crimes and makes them violate the norms of civilized behavior. […]

  8th letter to the readers   My new book, Ideological Superstitions and Political Misperceptions in the 20th-21st Centuries analyzes why USAmerican and Russian elite decision-makers and the masses of people in both countries are prone to follow the prejudices and superstitions in their worldviews and perception of other people. How is it possible to […]

7thletter to the readers – about the pre- and post-2WW American liberalism   One of the topics of my new book “Ideological Superstitions and Political Misperceptions of 20th-21st centuries”is the ambiguous and even paradoxical nature of FDR’s reforms and post-war success of the human rights movement, and the general democratization of socio-cultural climate in USA. […]

6th letter – to the readers with liberal sensibility!   One of the tasks of my new book Ideological Superstitions and Political Misperceptions in the 20th-21st Centuries is to analyze the psychological roots of American liberals’ inability, during the 8 years of Bushmericanization of our country, to oppose the showy demarches and caricature gestures of […]

5th letter – to the readers among (church) parishioners, military recruits, sport- and rock-music-fans, fitness-bodybuilding enthusiasts, gun lovers, and massage and dieting addicts.   You believe in God of your church because it is so pleasant to believe that you are helped, protected, immortal and wiser than other believers, atheists and agnostics.   You are […]

4th Letter to the Readers (Ideology as a weapon of power elite in SRussia [Soviet Russia] and Bushmerica)   One of the topics elaborated in my new book “Ideological Superstitions and Political Misperceptions in 20th-21st Centuries” is the question of the similarity between the psychological postures of power elites in both countries toward their own ideologies. […]

3rd Letter to the Readers   To think mainly/only about making profit or making a living is for adults a condition similar to that of a tiny baby with one desire – to suck mother’s breast. When adult people in our country are seduced/forced to think mainly/only about making bucks and using it for consumption and multiplication they […]

2nd Letter to the Readers I was born in Soviet Russia and emigrated to US with the hope to live in and participate in Democracy. For me it is especially painful to see when nominally democratic authority figures think in semantic constructions or express themselves in an emotional code, which are both isomorphic to totalitarian sensibility. […]

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