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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Monarchy as an Ideal (Dreaming of Becoming Richer as a Fixation On Monarchical Values) Fixation on money is the only way people with monarchic complex, today, can express their unconscious desire to be like a monarch. Money for them is a metaphoric tool to play at being a monarch. Of course, they will never have […]

Michael Jackson’s Untimely Death… reminds us about cultural orphans – doomed American post-IIWW generations molested by the cheap glamour of mass culture and through this distracted from becoming adults. Mass culture of pop-music, pop-movies, athletic games, drugs, fun-, cheer-, fame- and money-making is a massive attempt to realize the dangerous utopia that children can live […]

PROPAGANDA FITS OUR UNCONSCIOUS LIKE A GLOVE There are two perspectives of understanding political realities – to take them on the level of (ideological) statements or on the level of political behavior. All ideologies are murally moral and bountifully beautiful. But the feelings and the behavior of their followers, as a rule, contradict the smoothness […]

PROZAC PROFESSORS AND COCAINE CONSERVATIVES Prozac professors are, of course, neither technical scientists nor technical science teachers. They are humanistic scholars studying human life in its various aspects in concrete circumstances of the real world and human history. Their own humanity is not different from the objects of their professional interests. When human beings study […]

RENE MAGRITTE’S “THE GREAT WAR” (1964) People who need war for psychological or/and material profit (to feel themselves greater and to make themselves richer) always embellish and glorify war to recruit the young people for possible victimization. To make the young kill and be ready to die in the process the war decision-makers (war-cision-makers) offer […]

LIBERAL POLITICIANS’ BATTERED WOMEN COMPLEX The two leading American political parties are like a traditional married couple. The Republican Party is the head of the family. The Democratic Party is the spouse. The GOP defines and plans the policies and the future of the country and the world. The democrats as good spouses, run the […]

BUSH JUNIOR AS A YOUNG BOY Why is it impossible to play cards with young boys? – Because they will cheat. Why will they cheat? – Because they desperately want to win. They know that they are weaker than the adult males, so they are impatient to prove that they can be much stronger.   […]

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