Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Pernicious Influence of Innocent Entertainment (Producing Psychological Short-circuit Between Suspicion and Execution of the Suspect) Three generations of Americans have been exposed to the entertaining pedagogy of the seductive power of the gaze of righteous murder (GRM). Today it is difficult to find an American who didn’t watch endless variants of Westerns where GRM was […]

Sweat-and-Shine, and Joy and Tears of Jouissance “One of the aspects of the death-instinct is that man always finds satisfaction; that he even finds satisfaction in suffering. Lacan called this fundamental satisfaction jouissance.” Michael Turnheim If somebody permanently pursues intense pleasures the reason for this can be the presence of deep-seated psychological problems that the […]

Propaganda is Not Indoctrination. It is Advertising “The Nazis explicitly, consciously, and openly adopted the techniques of American commercial advertising, and said so. They took a few simple ideas, stressed them over and over again, and made them look glamorous – that was the technique of American commercial advertising in the 1920s and it was […]

From Clinton to Obama. From Obama to Clinton? The conservatives cannot care about their own interests rationally and efficiently. Following their hypertrophied obsessions to over-enrich themselves, over-control people and over-dominate the world – they create absurd and irresolvable situations. After eight years of frivolous decision-making and anarchic acting-out they have bankrupted U.S., abused and impoverished […]

About the Rich and Powerful (Prich and Rocherful) With a Little Help From Heinz Kohut* “The equilibrium of the complete security of the child is disturbed by the inevitable limits of maternal care, but the child replaces the previous perfection by construction of a grandiose and exhibitionistic image of the self, the grandiose self.” Heinz […]

Max Beckmann’s “the Night”, Abu Ghraib and Symbolism of Torture

Analysis of two military propaganda Posters The task of an efficient military propaganda (EMP) is to advertise the military service as an exemplary way of life, as a life style of moral uprightness. EMP sees psychological and cultural militancy as an honorable and a beautiful condition, and orientation on military solutions of international conflicts as […]



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