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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Decision-Making Politicians and Financial Leaders Should Be Psychologically Examined. “Without the ‘orienting beacon’ of the primary, live, object… a cataclysmic ‘black hole’ depression is experienced in which life becomes chaos” Sheila Spensley – “Frances Tustin”, Routledge, 1995 “There is a great deal of pain in being an individual and a separate person. The need for […]

Retrospectively Alarming Truths About US In a hotel in a small French provincial town, which for Godard metaphorizes the American sensibility, Paula gives herself to the memory of her love (like a kiss that doesn’t need to look), without even knowing that her beloved is already dead. The Hollywood archetype of Roinald Reignan (with a […]

Can “Our National Interests” Justify Our Behavior In the World? In the Soviet Russia the formula for redeeming “our” often violent behavior inside the country and abroad was reduced to a silly syllogism: “what is good for Communism is also good for humankind, therefore if our destructive behavior serves Communism it is moral, noble and […]

For Conservatives Life Is Too Narrow and Boring. To Feel Okay They Need to Add Domination, Appropriation and Possession to their lives. The difference between those who love to live and those who like to fight can already be observed in elementary schools during class breaks. Most boys are reasonably friendly and peaceful, and if […]

Who are Bushmericans? They are Infantalized Americans Infantilized Americans’ affective life is reduced to appropriation/ consumption (by financial – purchasing, or military – fighting and war-making, means). They are equipped with animosity and the desire to eliminate all obstacles for their appropriation/ consumption. They believe in their superiority and their right to crush anybody who […]

Unity Between People’s Orientation on Private Happiness and their Consumerist Conformism In Public Life Picture 1– Margot’s intelligence distorts her beauty putting the shadow of disharmony between her perception of the world and how the world perceives her. While Margot’s beauty is welcomed by the culture, her intelligence is not. Her unpleasant facial expression of […]

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