Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

One More Masterpiece from Resnais: This Time a Tough Comedy Difficult to Swallow To end up hiding under the bed seems to be the destiny of those with narcissistic (perceived as arrogant) innocence. By their naively self-centered behavior they unintentionally provoke resistance and even hate in others. Picture is not available: Joey visits his daughter’s […]

To The Violin

Absolutized Human Figures and Dogmas as Icon/flags and Flag/Icons Most of us are not able to live without gluing to absolutized human figures, political dogmas and existential axioms. Without these giants and their immensely exaggerated wisdoms ordinary humans are like bees without pollen, like birds without the sky, or like feet without ground. The world […]

Борису Пастернаку

Money-Mania (Moneyia) As a Masochistic Obsession Money has always been like a despotic leader talking to people in the language of commands. The reason money is not perceived as a commanding despot is that it talks to human beings not from outside them but from inside, with a voice of their own drives, desires and […]

Rene Magritte’s “The Great War” (1964) In the article posted on June 13 I tried to understand more about the psychology of war mongering and war-making through the analysis of Magritte’s painting. Why we cannot learn how to resolve the international conflicts in a more rational – peaceful, way? In 2009 this question is even […]

The Conformist Feeling of Gratitude to Our Leaders, Bosses, Traditions and the Benevolent Destiny for Keeping Us Away from Death As soon as stress of life is going up (and people start to worry about their survival more literally) the population produces two reactions – readiness for self-sacrifice (for the sake of us-protecting idols – […]

Human Health as a Wasteland – it is Bad for Economy Like for the pharmaceutical companies human health is like a terrorist attacking their profits, like for the American private armies (for example, Blackwater, inc.) and Military Department the enemy is a real gift – the chance to wave the flag and mobilize the furious […]

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