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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

The People’s Inability to See Their Bodily Condition as a Sacred Reality Suzanna Pasolini and Pier Paolo (child and the film-camera) As we see in this photograph (from the 20s) little Pier Paolo was already full of intense curiosity about the visual images. How intrigued he is by the photographer making his picture, how overwhelmed […]

Corporate Fixation on Fossil Fuel Makes America Weaker and Endangers its Future Leadership in the World The mistakes in thinking very often happen not because of intellectual weakness but because people are defensively closed before the unknown (as a result of the unconscious fear of what is hidden from our control). Scientific understanding of the […]

Some Psychological Aspects of Religious Belief The factual world (amidst which we found ourselves sandwiched between earth and sky) is dangerous and treacherous. We still don’t understand its logic. We habitually expect the worst. For this reason we defend ourselves against the world by the gesture of its radical de-evaluation. We transform it from everything […]

Emotional Reactions are closer to the Human Heart than Fuzzy Intellectualism It is not easy to explain to people what their economic and political interests are. Well, it is not too difficult to explain it to their rational, thinking, ego (sometimes they themselves will explain it to you in a hand-to-pocket reduced manner). But when […]

Пьеру Булезу

Hate-Fight-Therapy (War As A Psychotherapist) In Alain Resnais’ “Mon Oncle d’Amerique” we are shown a number of psychological experiments with mice that suggest some similarities between mice and humans. We learn that even highly stressful conditions of existence can be easily tolerated by a mouse if it is provided with a sparring partner – another […]

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