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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

The Two “Demons” of Human History: the Puppet-Master (Who Transforms Humans into Puppets) and the Garbage-Man (Who Transports the Wasted Generations of Human Puppets to the Garbage Field) – Turks are marching on Cyprus, it is wwwwwwwwwaaaaarrrrrr! Othello! The Doge charged me to tell you to take command of the fleet, and set sail toward […]

The Historian of Popular Democratic Movements in U.S., Who Became its Pulse and Inspiration “For us in the United States, it is hard to accept the idea that the ordinary workings of the parliamentary system will not suffice in the world today. But…Jefferson himself… spoke of the need for revolutions every twenty years… And Robert […]

Why Republicans Need to Keep their Softer-Milder (Democratic) Version as their Partner? The following text has been attributed to Aristotle (4th cent. BC): “Men say that in Egypt the sandpipers fly into the mouth of crocodiles, and cleanse their teeth, pulling out the pieces of flesh, which stick in their snouts, while the crocodiles are […]

Intellectual Bureaucracy – Human Intellect Applies For Salary and Is Trained by Job-Descriptions “Millionaires collect intellectuals.” Michelangelo Antonioni, “La Notte” («The Night») Willful and wealthy (by some estimates, only one percent of American population) – these personifications of civilization and Family, the salt of the Earth, the diamonds of the mines, the milk of the […]

Totalitarization of the American Democracy Continues after the Democratic Party’s 2008 Election Triumph I remember how many years ago when I still lived in SRussia (Soviet Russia), an American tourist in Moscow who happened to befriend my acquaintance shared with her the following observation (that quickly became a sensation among the young Russians with dissident […]

Compulsions and Ego Fragmentation of the Military and the Financial Elites, With a Little Help from Rik Loose* The compulsion to fight (to become a winner) and compulsion to profit-making (to be out of the reach of the ogre of uncertainty in our survival/success) – are the reactions of the unconscious panic of being crushed […]

There is No Longer a “Better Future” for Us and Our Children During the last two-three centuries, by the joint efforts of the Christian and secularly humanistic ideals, it became axiomatic in the West that the humanistic progress is necessary redemption of history, that future will be better than the past and the present, that […]

When Guns Are Guts The Books Are Gone and Wars Are Welcomed “…democratic elections…are not per se an indication of Truth – on the contrary, as a rule, they tend to reflect the predominant doxa determined by the hegemonic ideology. Let us take an example… – France in 1940. Even Jacques Duclos, second in charge […]



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