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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Christianity is not about Rituals and Belief in Miracles or Being Virtuous, but it is about De-narcissization of the Human Psyche (A Return to a Positive Humility of the Human Condition) Father Nazario is a genuine and an intelligent believer in Christ. He is not a fundamentalist (literal) believer because he understands that literalism takes […]

Little Children’s Belief in Love and Adult’s Belief in Power Nolde in his “Christ and Children” goes as much against the iconic tradition of painting Christ as he turns away from the painterly secular tradition of representation of the protagonist’s figure. He shockingly paints Christ with his back toward the viewers. We can see only […]

Psychological, Social and Cultural Reasons for the Pursuit of Power and Domination “Man’s goodness means grace and light, and his dark side is the terrible temptation of power”. Carl Gustav Jung Are global corporations today oriented on “grace and light”? Or are they becoming the incarnation of “the terrible temptation of power” and projecting their […]

Woman – Sacred Trinity of Victorious Seduction (Picasso’s Parody on Males’ Archetypal Perception of Women) It took me some time to notice what later became so obvious – Dora’s right cheek is the Biblical apple. Woman doesn’t have cheeks-as-apples, but apples-as-cheeks. She doesn’t have apple-cheeks. She has cheek-apples. Her apple is she herself. She is […]

Hooligans vs. the Delicates and Sensitives (Guts vs. “Souls”) When any country is equally polarized on two major groups fighting for their political interests with one another we see a situation of either a democratic political process or of a coming terror or a civil war. But what can happen if two groups with opposite […]

Consumption of Life, of Eternity, of Self-glory and Hate Toward Dissimilar Others Consumerism as a behavioral orientation existed, as it’s well known, long before the so called consumer society. People owned slaves, serfs, servants, women, children, land. They consumed flora, fauna, human bodies, muscle work and skills. They consumed the sky in the form of […]

Spectacular Athletic Events as Training in Emotional Totalitarianism In U.S. mass enthusiasm for spectacular athletic events is commercially rooted and advertized. As a result people’s emotions have become standardized and impersonalized – sport fans psychologically reflect one another and group around the star-athletes as their idolized fetishes. Competitive principle of victory-defeat engraves itself in their […]

Monopolistic Domination over the Market and Pauperization of the American Population In Germany pauperization of the population preceded the growth of Nazi ideology. Georg Grosz is a witness to how humiliation of the people by poverty makes them susceptible to megalomaniacal ideas of belonging to a super-race. He provides us with the knowledge of how […]



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