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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Keeping and Enhancing Power and Control Over the World Is Not Only a Necessity but a High Wisdom We already can easily discern the “strong males” (SMs) among wolves, monkeys and apes. We recognize them among our ancestors. We know how they behaved in ancient India and China, how they looked in ancient Egypt, Judea, […]

The Role of YMBSPs in Russian Revolution, in the Ascend of Nazism in Germany and in Today’s Assault on Democracy in U.S. Today in U.S. unemployment among the young people is about twenty five percents. They find themselves more and more among the homeless – you see them sleeping, playing electronic games or reading comic […]

Modernization Through Militarism and Globalism As a Nuclear Blast In Slow Motion For centuries the transformation of life into still life (using nature and its fruits for our life and joy, celebrating nature’s fertility) was seen as nature’s natural support of human life, as man’s peaceful and prosperous collaboration with nature. Our consumption of nature […]

Economic Monopoly is Incompatible with “Free Market” and Democratic Capitalism Why neo-conservatives look for controlling markets through monopolistic power of corporate giants but glorify free market in their propaganda? Why are they prone to crush competitors while singing the ideological serenades to economic competition? For them the “Global economy” is a kind of a centralized […]

Human Proneness to Follow Their Beliefs without Ever Exposing Them to Critical Scrutiny Malevich’s painting the “Running Man” is a monumental parody on the basic motif of Soviet propaganda that the Communist belief is the absolute and universal truth. Where is the running man running to? Why he cannot stop, look around and a little […]

War-mongering as a Psychopathic Behavior “Combines Traits of Narcissistic, Paranoid and Anti-Social Personality” As I began teaching military history to cadets at the Air Force Academy in 1990, I quickly became familiar with a flourishing “Cult of Clausewitz”… and with the American military’s fascination with German methods and the German military mystique. In the 1980s […]

The Belgian Precursor of Expressionism Personifies the Clash of Opposite Socio-Cultural Trends What are the painter and the general arguing about? Artists as people of sublime occupation (together with thinkers, scholars, philosophers, theologians, etc.) are always arguing with generals. The quarrel is always about who is in charge – the authoritarian leader armed with his […]



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