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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Noble Poverty as an Alternative to the Orientation on Power and Wealth – to a Life of Self-Aggrandizement and Vanity (Analysis of Twenty Two Stills from “Sanjuro”) For a samurai who eternally wanders from place to place because of moral disagreement with the way people live – to meet by chance a group of younglings […]

Mark Twain on War and Water-boarding The United States started colonization of the Philippines in 1899 and began a long war against Philippine guerillas. Twain denounced this war – “When the United States snatched the Philippines, she stained the flag.” (American History, Apr. 2010, p. 36) In his autobiography Twain characterized President Theodore Roosevelt who […]

The Two Masks of Socio-Political Conservatism – Smiling Face and Sharpened Teeth Conservatives with smiling faces (CSFs) – are the ones who are usually called liberals, and yet they are still conservatives in spite of their smiling lips, and glimpses of dimply openness. They are conservatives because they cannot move forward and overcome the inertia […]

Successes and Failures of Liberal Politicians and Intellectuals as the Beast-Tamers The beast of conservatism (BC) can be quiet for a long time. Its predatoriness is balanced by routine and by digestion. Conservatism is of a phlegmatic temperament by definition, but it is strong, stubborn and with dangerous episodes of fierce maniacal agitation. It feels […]

Right Wing Politicians And Hate Talk Show Hosts Cost Corporations A Lot Of Money J.Heartfield (Helmut Herzfelde) – “Millions Stand behind Me: The Meaning of Hitler’s Salute” (1932). The commentary at the bottom of the picture says: small man asks for big donations. In this picture Heartfield sarcastically suggests the reason why Hitler’s personal gesture […]

Identification with the Leaders Is the Main Origin of Human Happiness in Impossible Circumstances Deadly tired soldiers are sleeping or semi-sleeping, between glorious military actions, on the stones. These people take life as it is – they are completely adapted to the vain war between rivaling war lords. They take war as a norm. They […]

Organized by Conservative Leaders Violence against the Democratic Lawmakers Who Voted For the Health Care Reform George Grosz – “Civilization marching on”, 1936 In U.S. of 2010 you cannot see the behavior of right wing politicians, hate talk-show hosts and those whom they agitate against humanistic reforms without making analogies with George Grosz’s drawings from […]

What Are the Criteria of the Value of Human Beings in U.S. at the Beginning of 21st Century? Our country is changing. It was a democratic pluralism once when dissimilar people could live together and were positive about their difference and personal uniqueness. Civil religion (religion of civility and politeness) was an ideal of everyday […]



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