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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Human Psychological Condition in Times of Collapse This poster of “The Wild Grass” points out the two aspects of today’s human condition: weeds are the extreme and despotic impulses in people’s psyches and at the same time people themselves who cannot keep these impulses under control (for example, many representatives of the financial elite in […]

The Higher Your Place Is In the Social Hierarchy – the More Socio-Political Influence You Have Contrary to what the right wing propagandists and their parish: conservative Americans, believe – the Soviet Union was one of the most socially hierarchical societies in the world. It was a country where even the theatre actors and movie […]

Surplus-Survival (of the Financial Elite) as the Engine of Technological Development A small percentage of the population “survive” actively: they predatorily concentrate, calculate chances and profits, manipulate the circumstances, shoot problems down – they make it happen. And they gratefully love the country which let them to make it happened. But the majority survives on […]

Life and Wisdom – the Given Glory and the Achieved Modesty Emil Nolde – “Gelehrter mit Madchen” (1919) The girl is the sun itself (more exactly, she is the existential metaphor of the sun). So, she is divided between her girl-ness and her sun-ness, between the subject and the vehicle of this metaphor – the […]

Travel and tourism, Tourist Trips as a Tricky Way of Ignoring the World The Ulysses de Chirico shows us here has become an ordinary, curly-headed youngster. He has nothing in common with the mysterious figure standing on Calypso rock… His odyssey, the picture seems to say, cannot have amounted to much. Wieland Schmied, “Giorgio de […]

More Terrifying than the Enemy (“Home Land Security” Right Before and After Obama Presidency) Max Ernst, “The Angel of Hearth and Home”, “L’Ange du foyer”, 1937 The existence of persecutory alters, organized parts of the personality that are hostile to and punish the host personality, are quite common… These persecutory alters are not simple introjections […]

Murderous Calculations, Self-sacrifice, and the Excluded Third Way Giorgio de Chirico, “Gladiators”, 1928 Imagine that you cannot avoid risking your life – for example, you are a soldier during war. The best thing you can do in this situation is to go ahead, do your duty, expose yourself to death without worrying about it too […]



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