Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Pauperized Public Intellectuals and Liberation of Rosemonde This film poster shows the working Rosemonde as if by drawing, in a sketchy manner and by this it introduces to the viewers the unique orientation of this film dedicated not to concentration on things which are already solidly rooted in the existing reality but on what is […]

American Poor as the Waste Product of American Greatness In 2008, the CEOs of major US firms were paid more than 300 times the wage of the average American worker. This level would astonish the bosses of top corporations in the late 1960s. Those CEOs got about 30 times the average wage of US workers… […]

Those Who Mainly Think (or Dream) About and Love Profit and Property before Anything Else At what point does a human being stop to be the child of a man and a woman, of a human father and a human mother? What must happen to make him/her the child of currency, offspring of money? What […]

Three Examples of Dangerous Conservative Inertia and a Lack of Existential Creativity “…the fight of intellectual force against the brutal force of ignorance, violence and profit.” Franco Berardi Nearly perfect personifications of conservative canned thinking were the Soviet Communists. In their hands of lumberjacks even dreams about improving the human life became an archaic reality […]

Conflict between Artist’s Life and his Creativity is the Measure of the Society’s Antidemocratic Intolerance toward Otherness What is drawing? How does one do it? It’s the action for forcing one’s way through an invisible iron wall which seems to be located somewhere between what one feels and what one can do. How does one […]

A Return to Culture after Losing It Is Possible Only at a Post-Apocalyptic Point of the Future We see a historical archetype – after all the barbaric excesses of the Ancient world Christianity seemed to be the way out. After Christianity deteriorated into excesses of obscurantism the Renaissance and later Enlightenment became a way of […]

Judicial System in a Disrupted and Distorted Democracy James Enzor, “Jurists”, 1896 We feel respect and even awe when we think about judges sitting in their robust robes above the appellants to the court and the audience. We often forget that even the American Supreme Court Justices are just as human beings as anybody else […]



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