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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Rich Profit-Makers Want War Because of their Interests, But Many Poor Want War Emotionally – for Self-Realization With $549 billion requested for basic military expenditures and another $159 billion requested for U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – the record $708 billion military spending called for by the Obama administration for fiscal 2011 will be […]

What It Means to Be an Intellectual Film Actor? In august of 2010 philosophical cinema lost two film actors who made a creative investment into aesthetics of intellectual film acting. Beside his popular success in numerous movies Bruno Cremer acted in a short film directed by Anne Marie Mieville “The Book of Mary” (combined with […]

What Will Happen If the Future of Science Will Be in the Hands of Conservative Politicians? “Members of Congress go on the House floor and ridicule the idea of funding science. They want it taken out of the latest stimulus package. In some cases they were ridiculing the fact that it was science” Rush Holt […]

Mixture of Super-Human Rationality of Technology and the Growing Irrationality of Human Soul “Theology, once it is linked with irrationalism, runs the risk of becoming demonology.” Thomas Mann, “Doctor Faustus” What we see here is Abraham Klimt set on his way to investigate the evidence of the intervention of super-natural powers into the marriage of […]

The Worthier the Sacrificial Object – the Greater the Profit as a Result of Making the Strategic Sacrifice Max Ernst – “King Playing with Queen”, 1944 (cast 1954), Bronze The monumental aura of Ernst’s sculpture combined with its mysterious quality (why to make such a big deal about a King moving a Queen and to […]

The German Painter (Otto Dix – 1891-1969) Questions His Time, His Country’s Historical Past and Humankind’s Future The News channels extensively report about using child labor in the Indian sweat-shops…the children, some as young as ten, were worked sixteen-hour days, fed bowls of mosquito-covered rice, and forced to sleep on a roof and use overflowing […]

Notes Toward Interpretation Giorgio de Chirico’s “The Child’s Brain” (1914) The child admires, is afraid of and tries to be ahead of adults, and child’s mind likes to imitate and to outsmart them. When adult is just an adult, the child’s mind wants the child to be instantly more adult than the adult. If the […]

Personal Relationships Are Impregnated with Childhood Experiences and for This Reason are Childhood-centered and Infantilized Constantin Brancusi (1876 – 1957) Sentimental need and sexual desire are fused in creating our fixation on personal relations. Sentimental need is the legacy of mother-child dyad. We lost the natural physical intimacy with the mother we enjoyed having when […]



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