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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

To Be Victimized Against Our Will as an “Existential” Law Marie and Jacques are “in love”. But in childhood “love” is just a total feeling which usually gradually, with growing up, is transformed into our ability to have an idea of being in love (into our proclivity to recognize that we are in love through […]

Three Types of Proofs of the Truth – Factual, Logical and Existential Truth is an intellectual integrity issue…, an ethical issue. We should be teaching our children how to determine what is true. It depends on evidence. Without evidence, anything goes… And that’s why there is a conflict between science and dogma, both political and […]

Rich Crotches and the Poor Pariahs – Notes on the Topic of American Post-Democratic Socio-political Phenomenology The warriors are not only armed with cannons and rifles, but also wage wars of labor and exploitation. Franco Berardi – “Disobedience and Cognitariat” We can “do what we want” only as long as we remain marginal enough. Slavoj […]

How to Polish and Embellish the Face of Wood? Rene Magritte, “The Conqueror”, 1926 The signs of the prestige of battles and wars, of destruction, of murdering, bragging about torturing and killing, feeling proud and great for being stronger/tougher/fiercer – can be already discerned in the life of chimpanzees. For decades chimpanzees were idealized until […]

Pablo Picasso’s Portrait of Joseph Stalin (1953) When I saw Picasso’s Stalin for the first time I was disappointed and confused – I lived in Russia for almost half of my life, and took Stalin’s abominable crimes against humanity and exceptional monstrosity of his personality very close to my heart. I didn’t find in Picasso’s […]

Competitive Drive as a Basis of and Resistance to Psychological Development Henri Matisse, “Game of Balls” (1908) Matisse’s “Game of Balls” is, semantically, the twin of his the “Bathers with a Turtle” (the article on this painting was posted on Sept.1, 2010). If in “Bathers…” Matisse comments about the problems of psychological development in female […]

Three Levels of Psychological Development – Living, Withdrawal and Dedication to Understand Life/Living Henri Matisse, “Bathers with a Turtle” (1908) Approaching Matisse’s painting we see a three-layered background (green, dense blue and rarefied blue) that emphasizes three-part setting of the painting. What can this combination of colors trigger in us the viewers? May be, it […]



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