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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Where Agape is privatized and Sentimentalized, Eros is Also Doomed The semantic role of Zabriskie point in the film is to create a historical frame of reference for modern America – it is a point of the past “our land and we all came from”: the beginning of “us“, in front of which we feel […]

When Political Process Becomes Stimulation and Catharsis of Hate Hate is like love – it is always with us. And, like love, hate is erotic – it glues to another psychological states and functions: to curiosity, thinking or withdrawal from thinking, fear. It penetrates them and colors them with itself. It exists in almost any […]

Consequences of American Political Halloween on Nov 2 Midterm Congressional Elections American pedagogy of cultural illiteracy took several decades to succeed. Gradual but steady cuts in humanistic education on college level, elimination of jobs for liberal arts graduates, more and more loose educational process in the public and private schools, and the bombardment of children […]

The Traditional (Conservative) Contrast between Macho-Tough Manliness and Mermaid-Femininity “Capricorns are usually successful in business… Capricorn is a sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of adversity.” Max Ernst, “Capricorn”, model 1948 – cast 1975 This photograph has registered the moment when Ernst is telling the interviewer that when “‘Capricorn’ cast in bronze was exhibit in […]

From Belligerency to Crippleness – the Debasement of Male Body In a fanatically economic and competitive society the body must be at work around the clock. The constant mobilization of energies produces a kind of paralysis of the erotic body… The perception of the other’s body is increasingly sterile. Franco Berardi, “Felix Quattari (Thought, Friendship, […]

Fury at Obama for Not Delivering the Economic Miracles Leads to the Hiring of GOP to Revenge Him Many mass Americans – MAs (under- and low-Middle-class people) live in a very difficult psychological situation: they love politicians who are against their political and economic interests, and they don’t love politicians who are for them. They […]

Is Man’s Sexual Desire a Yearning to Appropriate/Conquer/ Orgasmically Ejaculate/Inseminate/Impregnate, or the Need to Unite with Woman-mother? Henri Matisse, “Odalisque in Red Trousers”, 1922 When years ago I for the first time saw this painting among Matisse’s other odalisques I became fixated on it without understanding why. Again and again I saw and imagined the […]



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