Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Existential Pedagogy of Mortality and Spiritual Independence The meeting of these three human beings made the film possible in its final – palpable form – Simone Signoret , Moshe Mizrahi and Samy Ben Youb who is photographed here between Signoret and Mizrahi as if between his mother and father. Still, Samy is separated from the […]

Identification is a Psychological Trick Allowing the Poor and Helpless to Feel Happy Because of their Illusion of Being Equal to the Wealthy and the Strong A great many Americans beset by delusionary thinking, seems to believe that they are already rich. In 2001 a major news magazine ran a public opinion poll asking the […]

Human Mind as a Psychological Fragment Karl Rove and George Bush Jr. can’t resist tears while being observed by the world. Public tears are public statement even when it’s absolutely sincere. It is a statement when tears cover up the absence or the weakness of the argument (emotions – the absence of thinking and seriousness). […]

The Role of Intentionality in Political Behavior May be, the difference between the politicians of the two major American political parties lies in the quantity of their testosterone? Or, may be, it is their psychological predisposition that makes one group aggressive and the other more peaceful? Can it be that as there are saber-toothed and […]

When the Mother Really Cares Building subjectivity as encounter…between the subject-to-be…and the female body and psyche… Matrixial affects, events, intensities, resonances, and modes of becoming infiltrate the non-conscious margins of the Symbolic. Bracha L. Ettinger, “The Matrixial Borderspace”, Univ. Of Minnesota Pr. 2006, p. 181 For centuries children were not a priority for the majority […]

Religious Imagination as the Impatience of Intelligence Rene Magritte, “The Annunciation”, 1930 By showing how amidst a dreary landscape a magnificent configuration of super-natural life emerges, Magritte in his “The Annunciation” represents the three aspects of the religious imagination/belief (RIB). The first is its incredible psychological energy – that’s how a sinking person yearning for […]



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