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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Intellectual as a Detective (Narrowing and Flattening of Human Thinking in the Post-cultural Society) Godard rehearsing with Nathalie Baye and Johnny Hallyday With this image repeated several times throughout the film Godard reminds us that our thinking about life (our images and ideas about it) is in the grip of corporate power and propaganda, like […]

“Global Economy” as American Financial Elite’s Super-Strategy of World Domination Private wealth is like the military-industrial complex, like fossil fuel global corporations, like bodily parasitic fats – the more it grows the bigger it dreams to become. It is impossible to monitor private wealth individually if the owner of wealth is psychologically fragmented and doesn’t […]

From Slogan-communism to Slogan-democracy With “perestroika” the leading Russian elite moved from Communism as ideologically based power over the population (as justifying the factual socio-economic inequality) to the ideology of money-power of the rich over poor. Soon after, with their “conservative revolution” (from Newt Gingrich to Bush Jr.), American decision-makers moved from the principle of […]

Women with Power Over Men Which Men Feel Is as Mighty as the Power of the Mother over the Child Paul Delvaux, “Bathing Nymphs”, 1938 The difficult task for the male child is to outgrow his mother’s psychological legacy as an overwhelming and incomprehensible power – to be able to discover a woman (female without […]

Mise en scène, Pantomime and Colors as Vehicles of Painterly Psychological Research Egon Schiele, “Boy in a Sailor Suit”, 1913 We, adults, are adulthood-centered. We are engulfed and swallowed by our “adult” problems, and we forget how we felt when we were adolescents, how many times we thought about ourselves as little monsters who don’t […]

When Mortality Is Not a Problem Egon Schiele, “The Portrait of an Old Man (Johann Harms)”, 1916 For those who did overcome narcissistic overestimation of the importance of individual death and for whom human mortality is not a problem anymore Schiele’s painting will not seem straightforward – an old man as an old man. They […]



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