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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Again to Fassbinder, Franz Biberkopf and “Berlin Alexanderplatz” Franz Biberkopf drinks three beers and one schnapps* *Unfortunately, we were not able to find clip with English subtitles but the richness of the visual stream and Gunter Lamprecht’s acting will make the point. Fassbinder and Schwarzenberger (cinematography) shoot the hellishly difficult (final and tragic) scene between […]

Elevated Amorous Object (EAO) as a “Muse of Human Soul”, Soul’s Vital Spirit (its Anchor in the Visual World) X looks at A not as at another human being but as his soul’s mirror image (elevated by beautification). This shot registers this magic moment of transformation of a gaze directed at the world, into self-reflective/self-transforming […]

Who Is Psychologically this Newly Elected Neo-Republican Governor of Wisconsin? “What symptoms lead to someone being classified a psychopath? A lack of empathy, guilt and remorse; callousness, impulsivity, promiscuity, hot-headedness and pathological lying… Most psychopaths have glibness and a superficial charm to them… Many psychopaths are not necessary violent , but are leading very disruptive […]

A Non-conformist Chinese Artist Analyses Horror with Humor Chen Shaoxiong, “Antiterrorist Variety 1”, 2002 – 2003 Chen Shaoxiong, “Antiterrorist Variety 2”, 2002 – 2003 Chen Shaoxiong, “Antiterrorist Variety 2” in motion, 2002-3 A well-known artist reacts on Sept. 11disaster in these two video-installations. It looks that Chen Shaoxiong is laughing at the American decision-makers’ proclivity […]

Heavenly Centaurs – People Whose Spirituality Doesn’t Mate with Life Earthly beauty of the knight’s armor, of his proud helmet and brave weapon, of his erect posture on an athletic and obedient stallion of a warrior – is admired and saluted by the beauty of nature which meets the conqueror with flowers like aborigines the […]

Art of Human Otherness and Consumers of Entertaining Art Edward Hopper, “Two on the Isle”, 1927 Has the show ended or it didn’t start yet? Are the two in the isle dressing to leave or undressing to feel comfortably during the event? All of this is not important if it is audience-centered art: oriented on […]

American Reality vs. American Democratic Dream of Freedom Thomas Hart Benton, “Slavery”, 1924 – 1927 As a truth-seeking sociologist of the American reality and a daring truth-teller (by means of visual expressiveness and symbolism) Thomas Hart Benton (THB) invites the viewers to witness what is so unbearable to see – the failed attempt to flee […]



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