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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Pre-democratic past, Democratic Present, Return of the Past with New Accents One day in 1932, when Leo Steinberg was 12 years old, he went with his parents to a bookshop in Berlin. While his parents talked to the owner, Steinberg began looking at Richard Hamann’s book “The Early Renaissance of Italian Painting”. It had about […]

Kurosawa Probes into What Might Have Come to Be For All of Us but Never Got a Chance to Realize Itself As a person belonging to a hypothetical – an alternative civilization where man collaborates with nature instead of trying to dominate it (which didn’t have a chance to develop), Dersu cannot be observed in […]

War inside the Human Hearts – Army Hierarchy as a Code of War-Making Military discipline has two sides: necessary strictness (proper, justified despotism) to train recruits and maintain the troops’ readiness for battlefield, and the obscene addition (extra-despotism) that exists because of the authoritarian excess compressed within the hierarchical order of unconditional military subordination. It […]

Hating Other People Instead of Trying to Overcome Our Own Shortcomings As a Paradigmatic Case of “Magic” Externalization of Problems People with democratic or, conversely, conservative sensibilities feel repressed by different socio-cultural phenomena. Democrats by sensibility (not necessarily by political affiliation) feel oppressed by ideological power and authoritarian dogmas from the past. But those with […]

Immorality of Transforming the Planetary Prestige of American Democracy into Fetish We teach our children not to lie, not to cheat, not to fake, and not to prompt when in primary school your friend is asked by the teacher an academic question. But during the second presidential debate in 2004 Bush was wired (many during […]

High Tech Rifles and the American Future (the Portrait of a Future American Citizen) Magritte’s “The Survivor” in gloomy coloration Magritte’s “The Survivor” in pompous coloration There is no such a thing as a weapon in general, a weapon as such (except in the mind of weapon theoretician). It is either mine/ours or it’s my/our […]

The Image of the Image (the Content of the Painting as a Double of its Form) “Perhaps, the time has come to acknowledge that the imaginary middle road (the idea that our conversation with others should follow the path of avoiding extremes of hypocritical etiquette and unwarranted intruding obscene intimacy) has to be supplemented with […]

Why Today There Are No Philosophers, Serious Writers and Critical Artists in US? Alberto Giacometti, “Jean-Paul Sartre”, 1946 Jacques Derrida was not too fond of Sartre as a philosopher, again and again in his public statements he mentioned him with slightly slapping asides. But Sartre was a fertile playwright, and his analysis of Jean Janet […]



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