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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

When Being Near Another Human Being Can Unexpectedly Awaken One’s Taste for Life Philip, a German journalist, feels as if “under the bridge”. Deficit in an existentially spiritual sensitivity in American life makes him unable to write about this country where people are too much in self-assertion and oriented on achievements and calculation of success. […]

Roberto Rossellini’s “Socrates” (1971) – A Teacher Who Is Killed for Teaching The aggression against autonomy of knowledge…is perfectly consistent with the neoliberal politics of submission of the education system to the economic dogmas… Media populism and neo-liberal ferocity go very well together. Ignorance and right wing parties’ elections victories feed reciprocally. When the right […]

How to Get Pleasure from Avoiding Reality While Being In the Midst of It “May 29, Subject: Important Countries We ought to give some thought to picking eight or ten important countries, asking ourselves what we think we would like them to look like five or ten years from now, and then fashioning plans to […]

Hollywoodized Imagination Is Incompatible with Sober Assessment of the Political Situation It is not Obama who “is not able or is unwilling to fight for people’s interests”, it is people (including some lofty leftists) who are not capable of sober assessment of what kind of a country they live in and how strong corporate rich […]

What Mother’s Touch is for the Baby – the Goddess’ Touch is for Adults Alberto Giacometti’s “Caress (Despite Hands)”, 1932 Giacometti’s sculpture grasps this miraculous moment when the hand that touches us with love becomes our sensation of being loved/of loving. It is uncertain but the exact moment when we stop to be someone who […]

Sexual Love Has Been Condemned to be a Barely Bearable Burden but still is Bravely Desired Against the Spirit of God’s Punishment Constantin Brancusi, “Adam and Eve” (1921) God-father’s revengeful punishment of Adam for sexual transgression with Eve was not only banishment from Eden but letting Adam be “naturally” over-burdened by his “choice” of sexual […]

Children of the Surface and Children of the Axis Victor Brauner, “Mutation Symbolique I” In his “Mutation Symbolique ” Brauner uses a combination of immanent (based on realistic) features and stylistic (abstractly constructed) characterizations to depict four human socio-psychological types. The forms of eyes and lips we’ll call immanent or realistic features, and the shapes […]

A Vertiginous Dive as a Prerequisite for Super-success – The Con Art of Creative Calculation Bob Trotman, “Vertigo” – Frontal View Bob Trotman, “Vertigo” – Side View Bob Trotman, “Vertigo”, Exposition The established American artist with a sharp critical awareness of the social reality and the psychological condition of his contemporaries stimulates the viewers’ interpretative […]



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