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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Proper Child-rearing Starts With the Humanistic Education of Parents that Can Happen Only If Whole Society will invest in it Pialat’s film is dedicated to a widespread phenomenon of child neglect in a society where adults don’t feel secure in their identity and income and at the same time are exhausted by their consumerist hunts […]

From Europe to US – From Narcissistic Self-image to Narcissistic Systemic Logic Bruno – Now we are in America and I thought everything would be better and we would reach our goal. But no. Bruno’s getting pushed aside as if he didn’t exist. Eva – Nobody kicks you here. Bruno – No, not physically. Here […]

American Neo-Republicans as the Followers of Stalinism Remnants of democratic style in the very procedure of how a General Secretary of Communist Party is supposed to be elected were too much for Stalin’s psyche. To let another guy to be elected for the position that he, Stalin, himself occupies, to entrust the country especially during […]

Boycotting Buying – Ascetic Way to Self-Respect and Success Between 2001 and 2008, about 40,000 U.S. manufacturing plants closed. Six million factory jobs have disappeared over the past dozen years representing one in three manufacturing jobs… In polite circles, among our political and financial classes, this is known as “the free market at work”. No, […]

A Young Girl contemplates Her Future (Woman’s) Destiny E.L.Kirchner, “Marzella”, 1910 While trying to settle down to Kirchner’s painting we have to start by asking ourselves several questions suggested by the painter. First: what is this invisible diagonal that the composition of the painting draws from the lower left corner (from the sweetly vegetating cat […]

Juxtaposition of Two Principles of Classification of Faces-Masks Brauner puts in front of us six faces-masks, located in three horizontal rows, one under the other and uses two principles of their classification. One is the principle of face-mask’s stable or unstable position. And the other is the activated (vertically formed) or relaxed (horizontally formed) mouth. […]

Christ Stops Bigots with their Hate and Contempt (Which Brew Violence) Max Beckmann, “Christ and Woman Taken in Adultery”, 1917 In Beckmann’s painting Christ occupies a central position of authority. All the personages around him (sometimes represented only by gestures) are reacting on the fact that he protects the “promiscuous” woman. Most of them are […]



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