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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

The opposite of big is not small, but personal… Wherever people are intimidated or manipulated into an assigned identity, they are being mystified. They are being tricked into forgetting that they are persons born to the right of self-discovery. There are even forms of mystification that spring from the noblest intentions, as when a dedicated […]

Being Lost, Losing Each Other While Trying To Find Themselves, and the Nobility To Be Without Artificial “Surviving” Paul Bowles, the author of the novel “The Sheltering Sky” as himself in Bertolucci’s film That’s how Bertolucci introduces Port, Kit and Tunner to the viewers – they are coming to the land as if out of […]

When Money/Power Becomes the Decision-maker In a fully alive society culture is also alive. But what is an alive society as a vital system capable of realizing its potentials? The “organic” criteria of being vital – health and reduced emotional and physical violence – when applied to society it will be reduced quantity and intensity […]

Richest Two Percents of American Population and Destruction of Mass Prosperity in US “The bottom 80% of Americans only hold seven percent of the wealth and this number is declining fast. The top 2% hold close to 50% of the wealth and this number is increasing.” Prairie 2 News, June 10, 2011 “The old language […]

Woman-The World, the Artist-magician, the Craftsman- specialist, and Two Psychiatrists The Overture The film is framed by two psychiatrists, one is a more traditional, and the other (on the right) is scientifically more up-to-date. It is this younger doctor who, we can say almost confidently, shared the story he heard from Charles Crossley, the main […]

We Need Life Even When It Is Dead (When It Became Art) – The Irony of Art’s Existence Alberto Giacometti, ‘Head-Skull”, 1934 (view from the side) If skull is a remnant of the head (its post-mortem) and also part of a living human being, if skull is a remnant of the face when face is […]

How to Transform the Human Soul into a Puppy Max Beckmann, “Lowen” To see this painting was unbearable for me from the first acquaintance with it. It was unambiguous and a very uncomfortable feeling. I asked myself why I feel this way. Step by step I understood that I identified with the lion, not with […]

Kirchner’s Aesthetic Pedagogy of Spiritual Sensitivity Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, “Nude Woman Combing Her Hair”, 1913 A young female body that is expected to be attractive and beautiful is transformed by the painter into a generic and awkward representation that makes the painterly and the naturalistic visions of the body to be in conflict with one […]



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