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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

At the end of the twentieth century utopian world governed according to the laws of justice and the principles of reason and scientific method has mutated into one vast electronic game in which…bank clerks…engaged in a massive exchange of coded text. The winner takes away more than he can consume. The loser hands over what […]

Evolution of Historical Forms of Obsessive and Despotic Love from the Ancient World to European Modernity Ken Russell Oscar Wild as a protagonist of the film (based on his play) represents the intellectual (sublime) authority (inseparable from a suffering of having knowledge about human life and social world). While watching his own play performed for […]

Masters and Their Happy Servants and Bodyguards with Super-human Pretensions It’s not easy to understand how it is possible for the poor and powerless to be unconditionally dedicated to the rich and powerful. How the Americans “disappointed” with Obama for not being the White Knight with a plumage could elect a super-conservative majority to the […]

Angelization of Birds, Birdization of People, and the Monumentalization and Idealization of the Family Ernst was researching for years the alchemical (psychological) process of the transformation of human beings into birds. Birdization of human psyche under the influence of a predatorily competitive socio-political environment is a real process when by appearance people still look human […]

The Power of the Imposture: the Erosion of the Socio-cultural Ideal from Inside is Stronger than Attacks Upon it from Outside The armies of the enemies can destroy religious and moral ideals (together with political and socio-cultural organism build around it). But very often the collective ideals are destroyed by much more horrifying weapon system […]

Sanjuro as an Independent Intellectual (How Not to Collaborate with Monarchy of Money/Power) “The idea of ‘Yojimbo’ is about rivalry when both sides are equally bad…and it is impossible to choose between evils. Myself, I’ve always wanted to somehow stop these senseless battles of bad against bad, but we’re all more or less weak – […]

Adults Who have Grown from Children with Psychological Traumas and Autistic Barriers as a Reaction on Them Autistic barriers are erected in order to avoid the pain linked to the traumatic awareness of the gap between self and object. They would appear to involve an overly-narcissistic relationship between the infant and one or other of […]

Kirchner’s Answer is Paradoxically, Challengingly Painter-nalistic: “The Nudity of the Story-Teller’s Body” E.L. Kirchner, “Erzahlende” (“Milli Telling a Story”), 1909 Is the body of the story-teller relevant to her story-telling? Is her nudity important for her proclivity and desire to tell stories? What in general are the subjective priorities of relevance in relation to story-telling […]



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