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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Repression of Incestuous Desires and Megalomaniacal Tendencies (Compensating for this Repression) as Factors of De-existentialization of Western Youth’s Interests The family dinner as an exam Isabelle and Theo’s father is an established professional poet and a person of traditional spirituality (when above-existential values considered as a key to a successful earthly life) in its secular […]

Beckmann Psychologically Locates 20th Century Sport between Athletic Industrialization and Not Less Athletic Commercial Advertisement “Competitive principle of victory-defeat engraves itself in sport fans’ perception of the world.” Representation of Professional Sport in Serious Art – George Grosz’ “Sportsman” (1922), Acting-Out Politics Weblog, Feb.3, 1910 Max Beckmann, “Football Players”, 1929 Bodies (exaggerated by endless exercises […]

The Types of Psychological Self-aggrandizement and Predilection for Traditional (Conservative) World View Observing various groups of peers (school kids cheering one another, soldiers of the same unit, parishioners of the same parish, garden workers, beer buddies, etc.) we can very quickly notice that they are prone to collectively laugh and usually are passionately loud at […]

What is More Important – to Keep Democracy Alive and Prosperous or to Get Rich Personally? Those who have sold democracy to their pockets are, first of all, the majority of the rich minority sitting over their wealth like over excrement with the belief that it will alchemically transform into more and more profit. But […]

Six Steps towards Immaculate Conception Demon of solipsism penetrates Mary’s soul By this shot Mieville makes us conscious about the incestuous connotations of belief in Immaculate Conception (IC). In patriarchal society daughters learn human identity from their fathers. They internalize the masculine identity together with human identity and then find their feminine identity while perceiving […]

(Totalitarian) Mythologization vs. (Democratic) De-mythologization as Different Ways of Perceiving Reality We all have grown on pompous and beautiful myths. And we continue to react on them with tears of frustrated but still alive hope and with tireless need for unconditional believing. Our minds grow from irrationality like the adult from the child, like sobriety […]

Adam & Eve Are Not Suffering Too Much about Being Banished (They Have A Substantial Compensation – Genital Embrace) Emil Nolde, “Adam and Eve Banished from Paradise”, 1919 Masaccio, “Adam and Eve Expelled from Paradise”, (1424-25) In traditional representation of Paradise Lost the punishing action of the paternal authority is the engine of the plot […]



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