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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

The Nature of Self-sacrificial Love (A Love Which Demands a Price and Competes with Being) The film “In a Year of 13 Moons” is told through the encounters of a man during the last five days of his life and it tries, on the basis of these encounters, to figure out whether this man’s decision, […]

Poorpletons and Moneypulators as Earth and Sky of Social Life Although “Divide and Rule” majestic principle is older than the Biblical Apple, the poor and nearly poor simpletons (poorpletons) cannot get it (they don’t have the ability to understand abstractions, they can see only the immediate facts: surface of facts) – with ferociously raised shuffles […]

Bodyguards and Servants of Rich Masters Banksters! Learn honest banking or get out of the profession! Banksters! You don’t have a right for your fat bonuses after you have failed and were bailed out by us, American taxpayers! Immediately send you bonuses to the needy! By watching the protests against the socio-political powers in European […]

The Victims of Financial Seduction – Poor Who Dream of Becoming Millionaires The poor have always felt envy towards the rich. But not always they were dreaming of becoming as rich as the rich are. Of course, the poor identified with wealth, the power and glamour of the rich (imagined themselves to be like rich), […]

Nobility, Decency and Misery of Existential Silence in Post-WW2 Japan That’s how Ozu introduces post-WW2 Japan to the viewers in the very beginning of his film. That’s how the urban context of people’s life looks when the goal of industrialization is not to serve people’s needs but to have the population serve economy and technology. […]

Living, Creative Understanding and Having a Dream In his life Jean Genet was able to overcome the incompatibility between sexuality and spiritual needs. In his life sexuality became the area where spirituality asserts its yearnings. Did Genet profane meaning by messing it up with compulsive sexual imperatives? Or, conversely, was he able to sublimate the […]

Survival, Procreation and Zoo of Life Max Beckmann, “Lion Couple”, 1921 Beckmann’s lithograph belongs to a very rare tradition – of serious, not for children and not for the innocent (childish) curiosity in adults, representation of the life of animals in art. The point is not that serious comment about the behavior of animals has […]



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