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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

It’s Children’s Human Right Not to Be “Perfect” In the Eyes of Parents and Society – Not to Be a Copy of Adults’ Image of Them The pedagogy of self-respect This poster of “Chinese Roulette” symbolically refers to the psychological situation (and spiritual ordeal) of the film’s heroine Angela, the intellectually precocious adolescent daughter of […]

When an Artist Belongs to His Art That Belongs to Life Ken Russell on the set of “Women in Love” with Glenda Jackson who plays the leading role The question put by Russell’s work is not only the priority of life or art for his personality (aestheticism or existentialism of his creative dedications). It’s a […]

The Destiny of Professional Intellectuals in US Isn’t it fair and beautiful when the work of an independent intellectual is well paid for, when not only technical scientists and engineers, militaries, specialists in finance and professional pushers of private interests are considered to deserve a good living but also those who keep and formulate independent […]

The Less People Care About Each Other the More They Care About Their Pets In 2007 Americans spend about $10 billion on health care for their pets, up from $ 7.2 billion five years earlier. According to the New York Times, new York’s leading pet hospitals offer CT scans, MRIs, dialysis units, and even a […]

Standardization of Emotional And Intellectual Life As A Totalitarian Feature Totalitarian psychological and behavioral energies don’t disappear in a formally democratic system. Amidst democratic structure of social relationships, totalitarianism survives as mass culture with its commercial/entertaining art (appealing to the common/reduced denominator of taste and intelligence) and mass production (the biggest profits are made on […]

When Fragmented Maniacal Behavior Separating Us from Living Becomes Norm – Goya as Not Only a Critical Realist but a Critical Futurist Francisco Goya, “Yard with Lunatics”, 1793-4 When existential self-realization is blocked by violent, traumatic, distractive or confusing reality (actual and/or internalized from childhood) – life through psychological fragments (without psychological wholeness) becomes a […]

Transformation of Culture into Interior Decoration Ball’s penchant for seeking out sumptuous stones plays a signal role in his virtuoso encounters with various old masters. Many of his “masterpieces” are fashioned from recherché materials with exotic colorations and dramatic markings (including Italian Fantastico marble and Pakistani onyx). Other times, he selects marble or alabaster (Iranian […]



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