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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

“Survival” As War-making – When Fight For “Survival” Intensifies, Human Soul Dies The only meaningful way of relating to the stories of Primo Levi, Imre Kertesz’ novel “Fatelessness”, Shalamov’s “Kolyma Tales” or Herta Muller’s novels and short stories from totalitarian Romania is to read them as testimonies of a total collapse of human conduct and […]

Transcendent Eroticism and Existential Spirituality In Tsvetaeva’s Erotic Poems One of the most linguistically original among the Russian poets, Tsvetaeva has an exceptional ability to realize her visceral vision of the reality through new lexical combinations and semantic clashes and juxtapositions. The world migration started in the darkness: It’s trees stroll along night earth, It’s […]

Global Corporations and Wall Street Money-dealers Are the Unconditional Authorities In the 21st Century US As the Communist Party Was In Soviet Russia The matter here is who is in charge of the government. In Soviet Russia (SRussia) to be in command meant to give orders and punish those who don’t follow. But in US […]

Video-games and Pop-entertainment as the Commercial Equivalent of Fundamentalist (Religious and Political) Beliefs Fundamentalist perception of oral or written narratives (tautological, without any sense of connotation, like an automatic action) and authoritarian/totalitarian communication – ATC, which corresponds to it – is a way to transform narratives into a toy, and listening, reading or watching them […]

Pantheization of Love-object as One of The Unconscious Strategies to Make Separation Easier (Make Torment More Bearable) …The blond girl on the beach… The girl’s long hair…caresses his head, tying him to his vision, allowing him no escape from his memory. David Loshak, “Munch”, PRC, 2001, p. 62 Edvard Munch, “Separation” (1896) The nature of […]

Emil Nolde’s Incredible Alchemy of Spirit, Life and Sense Emil Nolde, “Sonnenblumen” (“Sunflowers”), 1930 Who on earth could see the sunflower’s stigma/stybus (the heart or the head) of bright blue color? Usually it is either browning orange or when seeds ripe, black. But Nolde’s intuition has a surprise for us – it perceives the face […]



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