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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Creative Emotional Alchemy of A priori Re-incarnation Eyes, lakes of my simple passion to be reborn… Stephane Mallarme To redeem is to save, to save is to refine what is coarse, to give it “meaning”… to become refined is to become spiritualized… What we call “tact”, Sartre notes, “is connected with esprit de finesse.”… All […]

Yataghan? – Fire? … Pain… Oh, human souls! You have to be sisters to one another, not lovers! Marina Tsvetaeva Yataghan? – Fire? Oh, much more modest, why so pompous! Pain you know as your palm is known to your eyes, As the name of your baby is known to your lips. Dec/1/1924 (Translated by […]

How Freaks of National Security Ideology Become Terrorists and Violators of Human Rights The goal of Ferdinnand Rieche life is to build and improve security zones Security zone 1 – Rieche himself Security zone 2 – His flat Security zone 3 – His job (at present he is a detective superintendant) Security zone 4 – […]

Poetic Gift as A Spiritual Disequilibrium Edouard Manet’s “Portrait of Stephane Mallarme” (1876) Manet’s painting didn’t offer a comfortable seat to Mallarme’s inspiration. His posture is rather restless – he is not sitting/not lying, and his reclining/non-reclining body is in un-decided position (is he falling back or getting up?). He is here, in front of […]

Why Botero’s Satire on Conformist Clergy Takes the Ultimate Form of Ontological Criticism? Fernando Botero, “Reclining Priest”, 1977 The priest’s fatness and his bodily closeness to the soil immediately engulf the viewers’ attention. His heavy shoes and massive feet belong to a person whose soul has no wings – they belong to a heavy physical […]



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