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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Critical Perspectives on Western and Eastern Cultural Traditions “Dodesukaden” is a film without plot, comprising instead a series of episodes in the lives of a village of slum dwellers… Kurosawa abandons the normal onomatopoeic word for the sound of a trolley, gatan goton, for an imaginative fantasy word. “Dodesukaden” is shouted by a retarded boy […]

Marina Tsvetaeva on Monarchy …Through otherworldly Hall of Tsars. – And who is this one inexorable and marbled? He is so majestically embellished by gold. – A miserable policeman of Pushkin’s fame. He condemned the author; he cut manuscripts, the beastly butcher of the Polish land. Look carefully – Never forget: the murderer of the […]

Religious Authoritarianism and Spiritual Anti-authoritarianism in Tyrone Family Freedom [is] in the being of speech through the presence of the self to the other. Julia Kristeva O’Neill wanted to avoid the melodramatic excesses… He wanted to develop what he called ‘behind life’ drama, drama that is generated by values (largely psychological…) rather than by incident. […]

The Images of Frustration – Criminality’s and Conformism’s Childhood or Creative Victory Over it Claude Miller imagines or explains future shot Mockery even at the shadow of gender uncertainty in dormitory of a summer boy-scout camp Mark (one of the camp instructors) by putting on a mask of machoism tries to hide his own complexes […]

The Dance of a Cheerful Destruction Joan Miro, “Man and Woman in Front of a Pile of Excrement”, 1936 Why for Joan Miro, a famous artist with a solid reputation, a genius according to many, to paint a work of art about “man and woman in front of a pile of excrement”? What is it […]



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