Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Five Stages of the Creative Understanding/Misunderstanding of Life/Death Marcel is listening to Vinteuil’s sonata Baron de Charlus’ pedagogical inspiration Death as a metaphor of death The ideas formed by pure intelligence have only a logical truth, a possible truth, their choice is arbitrary… Not that the ideas we form cannot be logically exact, but we […]

Law and Culture: Co-existing Competitors Ophelia – In Defense of the Queen* Prince Hamlet! Enough to dig out worm-eaten Deposit… Look at the roses! Think about her who counts each day As priceless as her last day. Prince Hamlet! Enough of defiling the flesh Of the queen… It is not for virgins To judge passion. […]

American Neo-conservative Politicians Serve the One-percent of the Population as Stalin’s Communist Party Did in Soviet Russia of Late Thirties Of Romney’s forty identified foreign policy advisers, more than 70 percent worked for Bush… If we take the candidate at his word, a Romney presidency would move toward war against Iran; closely align Washington with […]

Will American Future Be A Continuation of Fight For Power and Wealth Or An Alternative To Such Fight? We live perilously close to semantic collapse. Americans are in danger of losing the metaphor and of becoming hopelessly mired in escapist entertainment. We are too fascinated by fantasy. What I hope is that my plays will […]

The “Psychology” of Dedicated/Difficult Reading According to Picasso Pablo Picasso, “Woman Reading”, 1953, oil on canvass, 114 x 145 cm. In 2012 in US, when serious reading is less and less available for the masses of population distracted by pop-singing, professional sport events, video-games and Hollywood and TV entertainment (and unconscious megalomania created by these […]

J. Laplanche-the young intellectual J. Laplanche-the middle-age academic J. laplanche-the “magister” of psychoanalytic reasoning … The Copernican revolution…opened up the possibility of the absence of the center… If the center of the world can be everywhere, it follows correlatively that ‘its circumference is nowhere’. A decentered and infinite world…led…to the accusation of impiety. If man […]



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