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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

How Even Highly Intelligent and Spiritually Gifted People Are Trapped By the Limitations of Their Culture’s Unconscious The Grail, a divine relic, the goblet of the Last Supper in which Joseph of Arimathaeas caught the blood of Christ on the cross, would give the Knights of the Round Table a supernatural power… Introductory titles of […]

Inspiration, Craft, the Alchemy of the Soul, the Alchemy of the Spirit – Love for Another Person through Belief and Love through Creative Knowledge You need to search for credulous companions, Who can’t correct the miracle with number. But Venice has been made by human hands, I as a craftsman – know craft of life: […]

Brief Notes about Totalitarization (Sovetization) of “Capitalism” … a staggering $21 trillion, and may be much more, has been stockpiled in tax havens by just 92000 people – roughly the richest 0.001 percent – using the best financial and legal chicanery that money can buy. “New Scientist, Jul. 28, 2012, p. 3 While mega-corporations are […]

The Gaze of Existential Love – Women’s Four Positions towards Love Giorgio de Chirico, “Bathers on the Beach”, in “fleshy” coloration By observing five women in front of the background: the sky, the sea and the earth/land, we see the importance of relations between the humans and this background along two axes – vertical (how […]

Ontological Sensitivity As a Defining Characteristic of Human Being Here I came here to count the bells that live upon the surface of the sea that sound over the sea, within the sea. So, here I live. Neruda, “The Sea and the Bells”, 1988 What are the bells “living upon the surface of the sea”? […]



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