Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Luis Bunuel as an Exquisitely Sarcastic Critic of Human Civilization Our morality… exalted passion, hoaxes, insults, malevolent laughter, the attraction of the abyss. Luis Bunuel “Age of Gold” is a militantly provocative film against the fatherland, religion, the bourgeoisie, chastity, sexual repression, and the family… Roman Gubern When the war broke out in 1936, a […]

Evil Is “Good” that Lost Modesty And Consciousness of Its Relativity, And Proclaims Itself As the Ultimate Judge of Human Reality Suspend Your Judgment… Suspend your judgment of my sins. The earthly judgment’s flawed. Don’t blacken with a dove-like white The baby of jackdaw. Still, if you want to do it, do. But having loved […]

Such Different Countries As US and Russia, Both Are Turning To the Same Financially Totalitarian Destiny Economic dogma has taken hold of the public discourse for three decades and has destroyed the critical power of political reason… Political decision has been replaced by techno-linguistic automatisms. Franco “Bifo” Berardi, (From “The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance”), […]

Americans In Between Work and Themselves (When Historically Consumerism Was Not Yet Activated) Hopper’s smooth transition from a mimetic art (no more than realistic, representational and tending towards the narrative) to a symbolic art… For the self-reflective sign system established in his painting not only recodes realistic elements and symbolic relations; it also creates a […]

Is Collaboration with a (Violent) Totalitarian Power a Sin and the Vice (Or Even a Moral Crime) of the Church? Catholic bishops attend a Nazi rally This important photo from the historical archives shows how conformist the Church is in relation to those who have absolute – totalitarian power over human society in a particular […]



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