Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

The Film-director as a Spokesperson for the Human Soul in 21st Century Ludo to his grandfather – Mr. Obersturmbannfuhrer Goldberg, what did you do in Avenue Foch, 1943? Grandfather – leave me alone, horrible kid. (From the dialogues in the film) – When the British left Israel what exactly did you do with the gold […]

Battle of Mortality and Immortality in Human Unconscious Eurydice to Orpheus For those who have out-worn the last shreds Of the body (no lips, no face!) Oh, is it not exceeding the mandate – Orpheus going to the dead? For those who pushed away the last pieces Of the earthly, put on the ultimate bed […]

Daumier’s Painting Points At the Lost Ideal of a Free Communication Between Press and the Readers Honore Daumier, “The Beer Drinkers”, 1855 – 1860 The middle of 19th century in France was hard but amazing time of belief in political progress. Many outstanding cultural figures – writers, poets, painters and humanistic scientists were dedicating their […]

When Life In a Society As It Is and With People As They Are Seems Impossible Eyes cannot see while opened widely, ears cannot hear while closed completely, mouth is opened wide but no one sound can come out of it. Communication is absolutely blocked and this creates an even stronger horror. When the freedom […]

What are We identifying With When We Perceive/Experience A Work of Art? Giacometti’s “The Couple”, in frontal lighting If the person perceiving a work of art is an art specialist, he/she takes it as a measure of an artist’s talent, as an item to store in a collection, to buy and sell, or as a […]



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