Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Rational Laughter at Frivolous Sublime (at the Solemn Aesthetization of Suffering) Paradisiacal sounds over the hell Warming up the muscles of the muse Whatever Federico Fellini is looking at here, screwed-up decoration on the set or a wrong beam of light directed at a wrong spot, his grimace of disgusted disapproval of human condition, which […]

From Passions to Hate, to Cry, to Self-harming, to Self-destruction, and to Repentance onto Death Here passions are greedy and rusty: Dynamite to the status quo! Here fires happen again and again: The outskirts burn! Here hate lives by posture and action: Reprisals’ machinegun! Here floods happen again and again: The outskirts drift! Here people […]

People Separated by Invisible Walls of Individual Achievements In “Nighthawks” unconsciously, probably, I was painting the loneliness of a large city. Edward Hopper Hopper has rendered the interior with great attention to detail, painstakingly delineating salt and pepper shakers, napkin dispensers, cups, and coffee machines. The arrangement recalls a lab set-up, spread out for perusal […]

Eros, Promiscuity, Consumerism, Vanity, Wasted Life And Indifferent Death Philippe has just brought his mother to the hospital for an important medical test. The body of a woman, who just a week ago felt well, is put under the scrupulous surveillance of a smart and mighty machine that is able to x-ray human destiny. Unseen […]

Two Representations of Crucifixion – Gauguin’s (Critical of Pop-Perception of Crucifixion), and Epstein’s (Where Tragedy Outweighs Dogma) “The yellow color links Christ to the landscape… The agricultural cycle is seen as a parallel to the religious cycle of Christian life – birth, life, death, and rebirth in Heaven. It also follows more specifically the Passion […]



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