Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

To Be a Victim of Art? – No, To Be a Partner of Art. Love vs. Art? – No, Love As Lover of Art. One must learn to live. I practice every day. My biggest obstacle is I don’t know who I am. I grope blindly. If anyone loves me as I am I may […]

Poet’s Soul As “Young Tempest” You go on living! – I have dropped my hands; I have dropped on the hands my feverish head. That’s how young Tempest is listening to god – Somewhere in the field late in the dark hours. And on the highest wave of my shorten breath Powerful suddenly – down […]

Leonhard Frank As The Personification Of A Humanistic Thinker E.L. Kirchner, “Portrait of a Poet Leonhard Frank”, 1917 Leonhard Frank’s face is multifaceted and neat as handwriting can be, and pale as a sheet of paper. His eyes don’t look around; his gaze goes through walls, through everyday life. But his eyelashes, as if, frame […]

When Nature Is Mother and Partner, Not Indigenous Slave and/or Harlot The Eve of your civilized conception makes you, makes almost all of us misogynists; [but] that ancient Eve, who frightens you in my studio, may one day smile at you less bitterly… She can logically remain nude before my eyes. From Gauguin’s reply to […]

Megalomaniacal Philistines Will Digest Even Crucifixion of Christ For Their Vain and Wasteful Pleasures George Grosz’s “Our Christmas” At first we look at Grosz’ drawing with ease of feeling habitually touched by a guaranteed pleasantness. This is a picture of Christmas celebration in a family like so many others. One year has passed by since […]



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