Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Psychological Background of the Decision to Suspend Democracy When Terrorists Attack Our Country In the kitchen, Fassbinder heatedly confronts his mother who has been trying to persuade him not to speak out about the fearful political atmosphere surrounding the death of three German terrorists in their prison cells and the kidnapping-murder of Hanns Martin Schleyer, […]

Tsvetaeva and Outskirts “Poem of the Ourskirts” And until the desert of fame will not cover my mouth, I’ll write about bridges and outskirts, I will sing of simple places. And until I didn’t stick yet in the snares of human deformities, I’ll take the most difficult note – I’ll sing the out-cast life: complaining […]

Anthropological Notes On 21st Century History (“We Provide You The Best Technology For Competing, Fighting, Winning, Consuming and Enjoying Your Community Around The Super-stars”) To define the forms of youth-abuse and neglect in totalitarian political systems is much easier than in formal democracies not only because in formally democratic societies humanistic sciences are developed enough […]

In The Fight Between Bull and Human Being Dominguez Takes The Unusual Side Oscar Dominguez “The Bull and the Toreador” (1946) In a dizzying composition the surrealist painter shows clash not only between toreador and the bull on an almost circus arena of bull-fight but between primordial motifs of several cultural frames of reference – […]

How Daddy-newspaper Reader and Mommy-knitter Produce a Son-future-war-maker Georg Grosz, “And Child Will Lead Them”, 1936 (in “heavenly” coloration) Looking at this colored drawing of Grosz I immediately remember my step-father who with obsessive political loyalty read what was for him the daily official newspaper (with prescribed views) from the first to the last line […]



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