Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Psychology Of An “Impossible” Love (Without Symbiosis, Sentimentality, Philistinism, Vanity, Rivalry) … a deconstruction of the amorous link… Julia Kristeva, “Hatred and Forgiveness”, Columbia Univ. Press, 2010, p. 225 … Love needs re-inventing. It cannot be just a defensive action… It must be something that innovates. Alan Badiou, “In Praise of Love” Montage, for Eisenstein […]

Praying to Souls of Nature Forgive me, my mountains! Forgive me, my rivers! Forgive me, my fields! Forgive me, my grass! Mother was putting a cross on a solder, Mother was bidding farewell to her son… And again from the crooked shack – Forgive me, forgive me, my rivers… May 14, 1918 (Transl. by V. […]

How the Neo-conservative Mind Has Been Trying to Out-smart Democracy Today, when it’s too clear how costly, in terms of human lives, suffering and wasted resources the ideas of Communism and German racial superiority have been for humankind, to ask the rhetorical question “Did it make sense to go through the Russian revolution and Civil […]

The Logic of Christ’s Martyrdom in Nolde’s “Verspottung” Emil Nolde “Verspottung” (“Mocking of Christ by the Soldiers”) By eliminating the historical and even the social setting of the event when “taken to the custody” Christ appeared in the hands of the soldiers, Nolde forces us to see what is happening between them as a fundamental […]

Sliding Out Of Space, Making Space Slide Out Of Itself … In 1928 U.S. Customs made a decision to classify Konstantin Brancusi’s abstract bronze “Bird on Space” as a kitchen utensil. “I was sick to receive the news that a bastard in New-York made you pay duty on your sculpture,” Ezra Pound wrote to Brancusi. […]



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