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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

When “God” Is Locked Above Life … Every church nods to doubt but has little to say to despair. Churches speak of joy but make no room for its expression… Despair is Christ on the cross. Joy is the Holy Spirit, disfiguring every form that purports to know God. The Christian Century, June 12, 2013, […]

The History of Our Making Montana man arrested for water-boarding his sons and making school threat. From the news, 12, 23, 2012 If to condense the entire development of Western civilization into one single line, it will be – from prehistoric magical manipulation to technological manipulation Slavoj Zizek, “The Puppet and the dwarf”, MIT, 2003, […]

Man As A “Buoy in the battlements” and Man As “The Heart As The Violent Rose” THE VIOLENT ROSE Eye in a trance silent mirror As I approach I depart Buoy in the battlements Head against head to forget all Until the shoulder butts the heart The violent rose Of ruined and transcended lovers. Rene […]

What Is behind Impressionist Revolution In Painting Paul Cezanne, Landscape/peysage Here we barely see the trees and the shrubs which Cezanne intentionally transforms into an almost undifferentiated mass, as though the viewers are extremely nearsighted. The verdure looks charmed, as if, it is a kind of an amorphous giant organism. And the house is, as […]

When Pride (Proclivity for Self-aggrandizement) Became Separated In the Human Unconscious From Wrath (Belligerency and Proneness to Rage) – To be touched by Lucifer (The Sin of Pride In Totalitarian and Democratic Societies) In early mythologies Lucifer, Satan and Devil were three different names for the same angel. “Lucifer” was name of this angel when […]



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