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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

“The Secrets of the Sauropod-[Global Corporations’] Record-Smashing Neck Make For a Classic Tale of Evolutionary Excess.” (p. 39) … Sauropod-[global corporations] open their mouth wide and pull in all the vegetation [natural resources and profits] they could hold, relying on gut bacteria to extract the nutrients as food passes through their long digestive system. “The […]

Von Trotta’s Classification of Human Males in Western Societies and Her Search for Joint-gender Perspective The unconscious and the subconscious behavior of the characters are more important to me than what they do. Margarethe von Trotta Half of my pictures have been psychoanalytical examinations of personal relationships. Interview with M. von Trotta, May 31st, 2005 […]

The Obvious And Not So Obvious Angels, Spirits, Presences and Beings Without Which We cannot live Mother for baby is such a protective and life-enhancing Presence (the difference between the presence nearby of a regular object and Presence of a super-object is that the latter we feel as presence around us, not just nearby). It […]

Aspen Tree Reflecting The “Starry Night”, And The Golden Loop Of The Round Star As A Projection Of A Wounded Soul Aspen Tree Aspen Tree, your leaves glance white into the dark. My mother’s hair was never white. Dandelion, so green is the Ukraine. My yellow-haired mother did not come home. Rain cloud, above the […]

Psychological Mosaic Sculpted and Re-arranged The child playing at adulthood Judith Peck, Child and Doll From the point of view of child’s intuition, child with doll here is, in essence, mother with child – Judith Peck represents the child’s construction of mother-child togetherness. We can discern in this composition three aspects of child-doll connectedness – […]

When Not the Person But Otherness In A Person Needs, Looks And Appeals For Recognition Chaim Soutine, “The Mad Woman”, 1919 When we see the over-concentrated face of this woman looking at us we ask ourselves – why can’t she just be herself, why does she so obviously need recognition, why does she so immediately […]



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