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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

When Justified Criticism of People’s Condition and an Understandable Disappointment in Humans Becomes Narcissistically Centered and Like a King’s Edict “Indeed, there is nothing more vexing, for instance, than to be rich, of respectable family, of decent appearance, of rather good education, not stupid, even kind, and at the same time to have no talent, […]

Bonds of Unconditional Love Between Comrades In Arms As A Psychological Anomaly Towards friends he had the deepest affection, but towards the enemy he was harder than iron. Vladimir Mayakovski about Lenin Joseph Goebbels cathects Adolf Hitler with over-affectionate admiration For Goebbels, Hitler was as a parental figure, but at the same time they were […]

Mass Culture As A Virtuoso Strategy Of Shipwrecking Democracy Calculation of advantage (by socio-political leadership), calculation of profit (by financial elite) and calculation of consumerist pleasures (mass public) made us forget life. Life is precaritized in present conditions (life together with our planet, with cosmos, through mystical/existential ties with universe), and this precarity of life […]

“Honest Justice” (“Hot Law of Men”, Harsh Law of Men” and “Gentle Law of Men”) and “The Final Reason” Honest Justice It is the hot law of men: from grapes they make wine, from coal they make fire, from kisses they make men. It is the harsh law of men: to keep themselves untouched in […]

When Human Soul Stops Living and Finds Itself In A Bad Eternity (David’s Painting), And When Human Souls Burst Together In Instantly Multiplied Vitality That Is Bigger Than Human Time (Lam’s Painting) Jacques-Louis David, “Andromache Mourning Hector”, 1783, oil on canvas The semantic punctum of David’s painting, it seems, is not Hector’s death and not […]

Ernst With His Futurological Clairvoyance and Prophetic Talent Examines the Social Types in the 21st Century Max Ernst (Ernst’s disturbing gaze into the soul of the 21st century humans) Financial owners of the world M. Ernst, “CEO of global corporation”* Look at this eye faded and dull but with super-attentive, even pressing although a depressed […]



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