Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Martyrdom of The Innocent, Those Who, As If, Take The Responsibility For Nazi Psychosis Consumers of swastika Three types of German men in the beginning of 30s History of crimes by metaphoric language Oh Germany, pale mother! What have your sons done to you That you sit among the nations A mockery or […]

Walter Schmidinger Walter Schmidinger is a film actor of a rare tonality who ought to be remembered and his art – consulted. He is able to act in a special manner, which today, when cinema becomes as commercialized as a crossroad with tracks, is as “exotic” as a macaw bird’s song – he is able […]

The Smartness of Human Technical Intelligence Has Been Overrated by Ruling Elites’ Pathetic Megalomania One could say that democracy is a form of societal psychotherapy. Jacques Alain Miller There is no intelligence in the “Little Boy” and the “Fat Man” or in today’s Japanese leadership’s refutation to follow people’s will and shut down the contaminating […]

Work Of Art As Escape From And Confrontation With Life As A Bad Eternity Preceding Physical Death

Amorous Psychology of the Genders – The Dance of Love Oskar Kokoschka, “Two Nudes (Lovers)”, 1913 Why Kokoschka didn’t call this work “Adam and Eve”? The both, man and woman, just stepped out of a paradisiacal forest and are looking ahead, at the frightening world, the man with fear and impulsively trying to turn back, […]

The Collapse of Human Existential Intelligence In the Pre-fascist periods A Madcap Retreat from Reality While most Berliners in the 20s scrambled just to stay alive amid street fighting and food shortages, a lucky few who had managed to hold onto something – or to cash in on the wild currency fluctuations – found the […]



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