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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Christ Asks God-Father To Let Him Complete His Mission And Says That His Premature Death Will Create A False Meaning of His Redemption The Mount of Olives Then it was night, and Jesus walked alone, dressed in white like a dead man in his shroud; the disciples were asleep at the foot of the hill. […]

Destiny of Sex-Idealist With A Pure Soul and A Sensitive Heart Casanova’s sexual art Casanova’s magic transforms doll into a woman Burlesque representation of sado-masochistic aspect of homosexual love The public ritual of celebrating (and exorcizing) the frightening (to men’s psyche) aspects of femininity and vagina Casanova full of youth and libido Casanova remembering and […]

Neutered Journalists and Guttural Propagandists There’s a subtle war – in America, and in the world – between business and health. It’s no secret that 2 percent of human population controls all the wealth and the resources, and the other 98 percent struggle and struggle and struggle , and they eventually build up stress and […]

To Settle In The Interior, To Settle In Beauty, In Nature, In Spirit, In Things, In Poetry, In Civilization – The Psychology Of Poetic Settler Gray Room Although you sit in a room that is gray, Except for the silver Of the straw-paper, And pick At your pale white gown; Or lift one of the […]

Margarethe Von Trotta Hannah Arendt Barbara Sukowa “Hannah Arendt” is not about the trial of Adolf Eichmann (the Nazi transportation administrator sending Jews and non-Jews to extermination-camps) that was held in Jerusalem in 1961and which Hannah Arendt attended as a journalist working for The New Yorker, and it is not about her love relations with […]

Olivia and Lorenzo, the heroes of “Io e Te” “Me and You/Io e Te” is the last incarnation of the director’s incessant interest in the periods of historical transition and in historical change. If to compare his films with one another we can appreciate their power of stimulating our interest in understanding of history as […]

A Psychological Deconstruction Of Theology Of Crucifixion Christian town of Maloula in the mountains 20 miles north-west of Damascus… is the only place where Western Aramaic, the language of Jesus, is still spoken… Maloula used to be one of the safer places in Syria for Christians… But today many already fled. Their priests and bishops […]

Three Levels of “Understanding” – Essential (Intuitions and The Basic Ideas), Existential (Social and The Worldly – Facts and Thinking), and Verificational (Analysis of Thinking and of Thinking Self) Paul Klee, “The One Who Understands”, 1934 Following the self-centeredness (in Ptolemaic sense) of our mental functioning, let’s start our homage to Paul Klee with description […]



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