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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Life and Love In Trance (When Spirituality of Living Keeps De-existentialized Quality Right Amidst Existence) Julie and Jack – an infatuated young couple from the provinces who’ve recently come to Paris – live in a small flat near Boulevard Sebastopol. During the day they make love; at night Jack drives a taxi and Julie walk […]

Overestimation Of The Effectiveness Of Killing Of The Enemy (As A Conflict Resolution Strategy) As A Part Of Human Nature and Legacy of Human History U.S. annually spends on its military needs as much as the whole world combined – in 2012 we spend $682.5 billion (in comparison with China – $166.1 billion, and Russia […]

The Poet As A Psychoanalyst Of His Own Past and His Own Sinful Innocence A mind too active is no mind at all; the deep eye sees the shimmer of the stone… Theodore Roethke Pickle Belt The fruit rolled by all day. They prayed the cogs would creep; They thought about Saturday pay, And Sunday […]

Existentially Sublime Human Body As A Painful Salvation From The World SchieleLiebespaar(Lovers) In Shiele’s “Lovers” man’s soul is overburdened to the degree of shutting down his gaze and its frame – the face. And the woman’s face, with her desire to console the man, is also turned away from the world. Egon Schiele’s human nude […]

Scholarly Call As A Dedication Of Spirituality To Human Life On Earth Lucas Cranach the Elder, “Portrait of a Viennese Scholar”, 1503 The first reaction on the expression of the face of Cranach’s scholar and on his gaze and the position of his hands and his fingers vis-à-vis the opened book creates the impression that […]



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