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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Spirituality of the Social Field (Secular “Angels” in Rapport With Humanity) We are incapable of liberating ourselves, and we call that democracy. JLG’s “Our Music” Why aren’t revolutions started by the most humane people? – Because humane people don’t start revolutions. They start libraries. – And cemeteries. JLG’s “Our Music” Violence leaves a deep scar. […]

The Basic Psychological Mechanism Of Viewers’ Perception Of Commercial Movies The totalitarian (pre- and post-democratic societies) are emotionally cemented by positive and negative identifications (positive – by the principle of factual or imaginary similarity/identity: of unconditional acceptance of the other person, and negative – by the principle of dissimilarity/otherness”: of his/her unconditional and hateful refutation. […]

When Poetic Reality Starts Not With The External World, Not With Internal World, But The Psychological Objects/ Meanings The Trumpet-Part The Trumpet-Part deep in the glowing Text-Void at Torch-Height, in the Time-Hole listen in with your Mouth By Paul Celan Alongside the external objects which we from our infancy internalize into our psyche when we […]

The Feeling of Being Partially Buried (Being Closer To Hell) As A Reason for Appealing To the Superhuman Authority If the protagonists of Bob Trotman’s installation “Business as Usual” could just stand on the floor, mesmerized and overwhelmed by their expectations from above, his construction would be perceived as a religious propaganda – people obviously […]

Personal Life As A Social Construction – Family As A Respectable Place In The Social Hierarchy Max Ernst, “The Feast of the Gods” (1948) Militant people, who behave as cruel gods whose very glory is bloodthirsty, are very often the topic of Ernst’s critical inspiration. In “The Feast of the Gods” Ernst depicts the godlike […]



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