Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Existentially Spiritual Path – Step 1: A Narcissistic Acting Ego; Step 2: Development Of A Critical Observing Ego; Step 3: Development of A Critical Observing Acting Ego; Step Back: Creation Of A Delirious Ideology; Step 4: Revelation Of The Truth Family life Attempt to sell the factory. Meeting Felix Our “realizable utopia” was about fundamental […]

Manipulative Thinking (In Military Strategy And Tactics, In Political Propaganda And In Commercial Ads) Is a Sign of Psychological Underdevelopment Manipulative thinking (attempts to manipulate other people to behave in a way that we want them to) is an infantile way of acting in the world – baby’s cry is an unconditional reflex nature provides […]

The Mystery Of Aesthetic Sublimation: Sublimation As A Promise Of A More Radical Pleasure Than Even A De-sublimated one An Inscription Go little book, To him who, on the lute with horns of pearl, Sang of the white feet of the Golden girl: And bid him look Into thy pages: it may hap that he […]

Fighting the Enemy As A Fabrication Of Enemy As A Human Habit Oscar Domingues, “The Bull’s Anima” As Karl Jung has been teaching us, every man’s psyche has anima, the feminine part of the man’s soul, the feminine perspective of perceiving the world. According to Oscar Domingues’ painting, the bull is a male, therefore he […]

Aren’t the Real “Rapists” The Traditional Systems Of Belief In The Immanent Sinfulness Of Sexuality While An Artist Is A Detective Of Our Cultural Unconscious? Hans Bellmer, ”Poupee” “Yak! How terrifying! How disgusting! Why to make something like this at all? Why to even show this to people? It is pure perversion in action, pure […]



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