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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Ordinary happiness, and Nana’s destiny of martyrhood Philosophical discussion “Vivre Sa Vie/My Life to Live” is not only depicting the horrifying destiny of an extraordinary woman (in Anna Karina’s exceptional – multifaceted, emotionally versatile, and analytical performance) lost amidst success- and consumption-obsessed European post-WWII democracy. It is also about psycho-semiotic destiny of human being in […]

Liberal Warrior In the Land of Giant Billboards and Posters, Ambitious Secret Agents, Politician-servants of Power, Intellectualizing Workers and Bartenders, Fitness ladies and Musicians and Writers Fighting For Success Paula Nelson warms up for the task Lesson of technocratic intellectualism The kingdom of moving billboards The heroine Anna Karina tries hard to balance the business […]

Public intellectuals and liberation of Rosemonde Rosemonde is existentially a gifted girl from a poor family who is neglected by the culture, abused by people and exploited by the system that keeps her in mechanical job and cheap mindless entertainment. When the two impoverished intellectuals appear in her life she gradually starts to feel that […]

The Monarch As A Super-Star (The Prototype Of Today’s Multi-millionaires and Multi-billionaires) Creating Cult Of Wealth In 1962 Rossellini called a press conference in a bookshop in Rome and announced that cinema was dead. “There’s a crisis not just in film but culture as a whole,” he explained. Increasingly, Rossellini had understood the great task […]

Margot tries to block her unhappiness of being happy “like everybody” Exemplary young family living in apartment overfilled with over-comfortable furniture. Margot (Margit Carstensen) is a wife of a husband who tries to make a career. It means that he is so overwhelmed with this task that he is not able to concentrate on his […]

President wearing the same expression he normally keeps in the bottom desk drawer for Bill O’Reily interviews. Will Durst, “Obama’s Fifty Shades of Cool”, “The Progressive”, May 2014, p. 39 President Obama has nominated a right-wing judge to a lifetime appointment. He cut a deal with Georgia’s two Republican senators to nominate Michael Boggs – […]

Poetry As Anthropology Of Human Beings As Signifiers Brotherhood I am a man: little do I last And the night is enormous. But I look up: The stars write. Unknowing I understand: I too am written, And at this very moment Someone spells me out. Octavio Paz Already trees and plants feel the light of […]

There are just several more minutes left for Hermann to look at Felix’ passport – at the photo of his better, best-self which will never be realized in life. That’s how Hitler during his last days imagined his superior to the world German youth in military uniform. This shot is one of the many in […]

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