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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Four Phases Of De-privatization* Of Amorous Intimacy “Il Grido” is not, as many like to say, a film glorifying eternal love, but, plainly and simply, a critical film, in which the hero is neither weak nor impotent, but merely alienated. “Il Grido” is a film about the alienation of the feelings… It is perfectly normal […]

Notes On Idealistic Imagination, Socio-political Calculations And Frustrated And Regressive Imaginary “Solutions” The Russian mind invented a quasi-religious belief in a Communist future, and a totalitarian reality. The German mind invented Aryan superiority and the Third Reich. The American mind invented democracy and obsession with profit. Political idealism takes us away from the reality of […]

Eternal Post-Apocalyptic Vigil Lorca Puts Us On In His Poem, For The Sake Of Our Redemption Truth is an intellectual integrity issue…, an ethical issue. We should be teaching our children how to determine what is true. Harold Kroto, 1996 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry Fascism as the impossibility of truth – when fake (aggrandized) […]

Four Aspects Of A Civilization Victimized By A Belligerent Fight For International Domination Picasso at the age of seven We entered a phase of art history in which beauty is of less importance to artists than the meaning they might convey through a work of art… works of art are embodied meanings. Arthur C. Danto, […]

“Oedipus Rex”examines the relationships between the young generations and systems of power at various periods of Western history. Taking the tragedy by Sophocles as a semantic skeleton of his film, Pasolini adds to the Greek play historical perspective – he assembles the scenes that took place in Ancient Greece with life during fascist period in […]

“Salome’s Last Dance” depicts predatory (possessive and despotic) personal love as a phenomenon typical for many people in all the social strata in various historical epochs. By comparing the existential atmosphere in Ancient Judea under the Roman domination with the European modernity of the end of 19th century (where the film’s main action took place) […]

“Germany, Pale Mother”examines the etiology of German Nazism and shows it in a way that it makes it relevant for countries that have never experienced a full blown systemic totalitarianism. Helma Sanders-Brahms (HSB) makes an accent not on Nazi ideology or politics and policies, but on its psychology. She represents German Nazism as a potential […]

“Oh, Woe Is Me” Is Godard’s Study Of The Changing Sensibility Of Our Epoch In the post WWII period of flowering democracy of material prosperity and secular spirituality people took pride in rituals of mutual tolerance and development of scientific knowledge. But closer to the end of the century: with the growing uncertainty and unpredictability […]

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